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30% off All Full Priced Royal Canin Pet Food @ Best Friends


I just got a text message this morning and went to a Best Friends Store in VIC to confirm. It was right!
Enjoy !

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  • Saving off Full priced items, excludes prescription food.

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  • Royal canin is an overpriced petfood
    For your dollar you get mostly corn and cereal

    • In what product?

      • In almost every product
        Eg labrador adult
        Ingredients: dehydrated poultry protein, rice, wheat, maize, maize gluten, animal fats, vegetable protein isolate*,

        You pay top dollar and get rice, corn, corn gluten. Overpriced for the ingredients.

        Almost every dog kibble has similar ingredients. However they introduce "science" by letting us believe that different kibble sizes and shapes are important for the dogs benefit

        • Every product? I can't find detailed ingredient amounts on the few I've looked at - apart from broad category % (eg protein etc) - so I think your claim is questionable. I do know that some vets recommend RC for (some) cats for example, as part of a balanced (and easily controlled) diet. So far so good from what I've seen. Like human packaged food it's handy for people who can't organise a balanced diet for their animals. That said, in general I agree that packaged pet food is expensive for what you get. But I'm no expert, just an observer of anecdotal evidence.

  • RC is a sh!t brand

  • 30% off RRP, so pretty much the everyday price at Pet Circle, Budget Pet Products etc.

  • Not really. Most of the time you gotta buy a lot online or have to pay extra shipping.

    For an example the Adult cat dry food I got is $34.21 + $6.95 shipping (no shipping fee orders over $120)
    online on Pet Circle (unless you do auto delivery every now and then, then it's ok)

    But at Best friends it was 32.19! So it was worth it for me.

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