Ceiling Oyster Light Shining Unsteadily with Very Low Light

Guys need your advice please:

Have these ceiling lights in my family room and one of them is not lighting fully. How is easy to repair or replace with new one. Is it DIY task ? Also I would like to install cool white light instead of warm white light.

Incase if it is not DIY, how much a professional charge for this job?

Links for images :


  • Not a replaceable bulb version.

    It is stupidly easy to replace the entire assembly but here in Australia, the electricity works differently. Unless you pay the electrician licensing body, you will catch on fire, drop the wires into a bucket of water, kick the bucket over and run towards the mains and switch the power on.

  • Pic's a little too fuzzy to see the model / part number for the LED part.

    It can be replaced but tricky bit will be to see if it's just the LEDs that's the problem, the LED driver, or something with your wiring that's making it not lit fully. Looks like one of the round ones here:


  • Not DIY unless you are a sparky (and then I'd hope you wouldn't be asking for DIY advice on Ozb forums :D )

    Also - I've got the same light fitting and it is (well, it was) a POS - just get an electrician to swap it out. You can get a switchable warm/cool light model if you want both options available to you.