Help finding a cheaper alternative to buying this costume

hi all,
kids have a short play i a couple of weeks and have been asked to purchase this styled costume for the play.
i am looking for a cheaper alternative to the schools suggested website:

which is almost $100 too much for a one off play. And i haven't founded anywhere cheaper than about $50 for just the coat.

any tips for a parent in need?


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    What age are the children?
    What is the duration of the play? And the child's role in the play?

    I wouldn't be buying that for that price. I would be rummaging around Op Shops and finding something similar and then sewing it to fit.


      thanks, their about 7yo. The play only going for about an hour. i haven't got a clue what their role is but i am assuming it a minimal one.

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    $14.20 plus delivery
    (200 minimum order may be an issue…sell 199 of them on eBay and profit?)


    Be really cheeky and order a free sample.


    How about just renting one?


      i founded someone who rent them out, but their in SA and there would be shipping costs etc. i haven't founded a local yet :(

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    Find out how big their role is, and how many are in this costume. If your kid looks different to 5 others for example it'll just look crap! If they're the only Bert then it won't matter


    Many places rent costumes and if it is for a popular character, the chances are strong that they will have that exact costume. I'm not sure what state you are in but I'd be happy to have a google on your behalf - i have a few costume sites bookmarked for Victoria.

    An alternative would be to go to a large op-shop - think Savers or a large Salvos, and look for components. I doubt you will find the same jacket but you will probably find a red or yellow jacket in the women's section that can be altered. There will be lots of white pants and shirts. It will be easy to buy a blue ribbon for a bow tie (or from a $2 shop,) and probably a plastic boater there as well.

    ** good point from Spackbace - find out how many Berts there are!


    $81.90 isn't bad

    $15 shipping or free if over $120. Pitch in with another parent (if there's more than 1 Bert)

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