Large Chips $2 | Large Chips & Reg Gravy $2.50 | 10 For $5 Cheesy Nuggs @ Red Rooster


Main link has a bunch of other promotions not sure which are still active

$2.50 Large Chips & Reg Gravy only available for a limited time. Not available in Catering, Delivery or at Airports.

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Red Rooster
Red Rooster


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    Not available in Catering

    (profanity), I'd actually love to cater an event and just give everyone chips and gravy. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.


      Best catering I ever had was KFC and pork rolls.. Best funeral ever not gonna lie if I die I am giving everybody or whoever turns up KFC and pork rolls with extra lard.

      Some people give the worst catering like undercooked crap.


    These cheesy nugs are easily the best out of the fast food joints imo. Maccas is a very close second.