Hi All,

Looking for a PC stick/micro pc for about $150 (with delivery) for fathers day.

Something like this

But i'm open to alternatives

1. Run Windows and windows application.
2. Output via HDMI 1080p (65 inch tv)
3. Be a small factor


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    What purposes is it needed for?

    I had one of these (older model) for a while and they ain't that great.



      You will buy this and throw it away after 3 months as you would loose patience due to its slow-sluggish processing.

      You need to buy a decent, micro PC box, Keyboard & Mouse .. look at the sites of Centrecom, MSY and the like. Possibly starting from $500 for something decent.
      Do some research if you can on specs that will future proof your system.



    Hi All

    My parents watch a subscription-based tv (a paid clone of VLC I believe), and browse the web (youtube, news etc).
    So the ONLY applications that they will use are VLC viewer and your web browser.
    (so as long as it can handle playing flash and running VLC without too much effort then this is a good product for me)

    Currently, they use a laptop (via HDMI & Bluetooth kbd) but to be honest its an overkill for what they need.

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