Fitness Watch under $250

Anyone come across a deal on a decent fitness tracking watch that has gps? I’m looking under $250 and can’t quite find anything within my budget. Need something with a battery that doesn’t need charging every other day, compatible with iOS.


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    Huami Amazfit Bip


      i cannot recommend this product enough. i bought one roughly a year ago for about $80 on amazon. had no issues with it so far, battery life last a good 30-40 days. GPS is decent and always on display is nice as i can check the time without needing to do the "wrist flick" or press a button to get the screen on. pretty basic in terms of features but at $80 i wasn't expecting much. every now and then there are deals for this watch that can get it down to around $65 i think

      Edit: in regards to battery life, i just checked my watch and currently have 33% battery remaining and was last charged 42 days ago. keep in mind i haven't used the GPS much in the last cycle though.


    $250 is probably a bit tight for a "brand name" device. You'll be look at "off brand" products here.


    If you're on a tight budget for a reason, why not consider another cheaper option other than a smart watch? E.g. a fitness holder for smartphone?

    It would allow you to see whether you would actually find the data useful, as well as allow you time to save up for a more expensive product that more closely meets your needs?

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    I'd get a preowned apple watch. Charging it every day isn't so bad. And you can get some stylish bands cheap on eBay, the Milanese loop knockoff looks great, people think it's an expensive watch band. And then I can swap it for a cool leather one, the knock off bands are like $10 each and look fine, they just wear out faster.


    xiaomi mi band 4, great little watch have been really happy with it - paid like $40 for it.


    Mi Band 4 ordered. Thanks for the feedback.


    29 bucks it’ll do until I see a Garmin on special offer :)

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