Does My Xiaomi Purifier 2s Have a Problem?

Hi all

I received a Xiaomi 2S to compliment my earlier model 2. In the same room the 2 and 2s show different pm2.5 results, the 2 suggests 20-30, the 2S .001 to .002. The 2S should be the more accurate of the two. I found the 2 would cut in and out with traffic in the room, folding sheets etc whereas the 2S doesn't.

It was purchased from kogan.

What's everyone else's experience?



    Just to get the most obvious out of the way - is there any kind of seal/cap/etc on the filter for the 2S that may have been left on?


      I thought the sensor had nothing to do with the filter since it is at the back, on the outside.
      I have got the 2s, and although it’s reading under 10 most of the time, when cleaning the room, blowing a scented candle, cooking etc, it can spike up to 150


    is one in your bong smoking room?