Mailinator for SMS Verifications?

Hi Everyone,

Im just wondering if there any websites or apps like mailinator for SMS verification because more apps nowadays are becoming more smarter and need SMS verification when starting a new account. If there could you put the links down below please.



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    Any websites? There are a lot for SMS messages but most of them are already heavily used so the numbers are blocked.
    I don't know what Mailnator is, care to describe it?
    I think people here tend to buy a second SIM. I don't exploit the single phone number for accounts, myself.


      Mailinator is public email address, you can change the name of your email to anything and you have created a new email and so you can verify things with that.


    you mean a temporary email? try these if that is what u r after


    Any new update on this? Looking for one reliable throw away SMS "inbox" too