Kogan HD-30 Pro Headphones (Black) - $29 Delivered (Were $69) @ Kogan


I have no idea how good these are but $29 for Bluetooth headphones sounds okay. 4 out of 5 stars ⭐️ rating in Kogan from 79 people, so probably not terrible:

**Listen to your tunes cable-free with incredible clarity, comfort and style thanks to the Kogan HD-30 Pro Headphones, delivering exceptional audio that doesn’t break the bank.
CSR Bluetooth chipset for high-definition sound quality
Up to 30 hours of continuous wireless playback
Built-in microphone to make and take calls
Comfortable and sleek lightweight design
On-trend design with premium leather-feel finishes
3.5mm audio port plus included AUX cable
Unlike other wireless headphones in the same price range, the Kogan HD-30 Pro Headphones come equipped with a high-quality CSR8635 Bluetooth chipset, letting you listen to balanced bass-heavy tunes in immersive high-definition.
Longer listening
Enjoy up to 30 hours of wireless playback, letting you listen to your tunes all day long without the hassle of charging. If your battery does start to run low, use the 3.5mm audio connection instead.
Command with onboard controls
Make and take calls with the Kogan HD-30 Pro Headphones’ built-in microphone and onboard controls. Simply press the ‘function’ button underneath the right headphone to accept or reject calls.
Padded, lightweight comfort
Listen to your beats in complete comfort thanks to the Kogan HD-30 Pro Headphones’ generously padded ear cups, letting you melt away with your tunes in complete luxury. Combined with the lightweight 165g design, you’ll forget your headphones are even on your head!

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    Can anyone give any feedback on these headphones.

    I am using some TaoTronics TT-BH22's and they are ok for now medium sound quality a bit weak active most canceling but comfortable enough and fold well for the backpack or even hoodie pockets.

    Thinking of trying these kogan ones as a backup as replacing them is cheaper $30 vs $60.

    Mainly wondering if there is any noise leakage for a quiet carriage on the train and any other notes you might have on the device.

    Cheers and thank you have a nice day.

    Also thank you OP for posting this otherwise I never would have known about this.

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      I did. I wear them backwards because of the fit. Not sure I'd be willing to do that for $79+ headphones but for $30 it's fine. Worn forward I find my ears get hot and lots of noise escapes from the front (I have big ears).

      The Bluetooth falls out occasionally in difficult conditions (think Swanston St in the Melbourne CBD) but otherwise is fine - this is an older version of Bluetooth than the Kogan Pro Urban II Wireless Headphones (which are the same price). Not surprisingly the sound is significantly better wired than wireless. And the wired sound falls roughly half-way between an office headset and the base model Sennheiser. Muffled in the extremes but pleasingly so.

      Despite the look they are pure plastic. Build quality is acceptable - though once the volume button got stuck and caused trouble. Ear cups could be softer. They are very lightweight. Initially found them uncomfortable but after about a week I was happy with them. I did wear them 4 hours yesterday though and was glad to take them off. I do things awful things like stretch them over bike helmets - so they take a bit of a whack and are still standing.

      You're not getting the deal of the century. But, particularly for wireless, you're getting a deal. My ratings vary from 2.5 to 3.5 stars - either way they are a solidly average product. Given these are the headsets I intend to use these for gym/cycling/work/carrying-in-my-backpack they're fine. And, at $30, I'm not going to be losing too much sleep if they eventually break.

      Some Kogan reviews pointed to poor sound quality - so there may be a inconsistent production quality.


        So would you reckon these would annoy people on a quiet carriage with me blasting punk and other loud music at 50 to 70 percent max volume on the train because that would be my worst case scenario.. I just want to rock in peace and not be that guy disturbing others.


          They are not noise reducing headphones. Sound will leak in and out; how much depends on the fit. I quite like that in my non-travel headphones because it keeps me alert to traffic. People could probably hear them if they tried. Still I'd be happy to wear them in the quiet carriage - that may say more about me than the headphones.


      I expect your TaoTronics TT-BH22 will have better sound. My TaoTronics do at least.


    Please never ever buy Kogan branded products. Picture looks fantastic but you will cry when you receive them.
    Just don't. Doesn't matter how cheap they are.

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      Too broad a brush.

      I've bought several Kogan items that have provided good bang for buck.

      Not at all sure that this is the sort of item that I'd consider from Kogan though…


      Kogan products are rebadged (Chinese) product. I have also purchased a few of Kogan brand electronics. They always over promise and under deliver.

      For examples:
      - Their eReader was super clunky and frustrating to use. The battery was nowhere near the promised hours. The built in storage was slower than the external SD-card speed.
      - Their smart TV was OK as a display screen. The smart part was slow, constantly crashing and freezing.

      With Kogan, you really get what you paid for, even when it's 1/2 price. If you paid full price, you are getting rip off.


    Would never buy anything from Kogan ever again. Their Products are really bad, also I can say Fake. Bought 2 headphones from them long before. First one was cheap (not brand) so I was ok with that, but the second one was a fake Beat Headphone which they advertise half Price of new original one

    Again not recommend anything from Kogan

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      Disagree - "Again not recommend anything from Kogan"
      As lostincanberra above points out your comment is "Too broad a brush".
      I welcome Kogan Mobile Pre-Paid deals.

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        I agree, some Kogan products can be good value - the difficulty is figuring out which ones.
        I bought a Kogan juicer a while ago and it worked well, did everything it was supposed to do.
        However, I also bought a Kogan car dashcam and it was total rubbish (lousy resolution, didn't work at night, very low quality product)


    how do these compare to ALDI Bluetooth Headphones that are $39 on special this Wednesday?

    I see ALDI 15 hrs per charg, KOGAN 30 hrs.

    What about sound quality, comfort etc?