Comic Kingdom Liverpool Street Sydney - Is It Still Open?

Walked past Comic Kingdom Sydney Liverpool Street and wanted to go in as they have sale 70% for awhile but the shop seems closed, any idea what’s happening? Used to go here since the 90s-early 2000, best place for comics.


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    Come on, mate. If you just searched the web with the exact post title you made, you'd see they have a facebook page and one of the first messages was about them shutting down in September 2018.


    Aww man… I think I've only stepped foot in there about a handful of times, but it was a fixture on Liverpool Street!


    If I remember correctly, there was a Condom Kingdom nearby as well. But I wasn't old enough to go in at that time!

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    The shop is still full of stuff doesn’t look shut down…
    That inline article I read is way back in 2015, you realise there’s also a book store in George Street saying closing down sale for past 5 years and stilll open.


    I went to the closing down sale. It is definitely closed.


    It's so weird that there's still stuff there, how can the owner of the building keep it unused for so long?


    They Actually live upstairs within the building I called once on the day that it was closed they answered the phone. But this was many years ago

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