Reebok Classic Pump Supreme (Size 9, 10, 13) - $49.99 (RRP $170) (C & C/ + Postage Shipped) @ Hype DC


The Reebok Pump Supreme is a takedown edition of the Vector brand's Pump running legacy. Featuring a ubiquitous bootie fit upper, the need for laces is superseded with a cosmetic external pump bladder with the eponymous inflation device represented on the tongue that doubles as a branding logo.
+ Mesh Upper
+ Pump Bladder Overlay
+ Pump Button Tongue
+ Foam Midsole

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Hype DC
Hype DC


  • +1 vote

    Good price but not the best looking shoes I've seen… (Ugly)… If they came in black it would help.

    Nice to see the size 10 and 13 though, these deals usually stop at size 9.