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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case $169 @ eBay (100 Per Hour Starting 10am)


Here we go again. 100 Airpods dropping every hour starting at 10am.

Banner screenshot.

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    Got it! Had it in my cart and selected CC payment beforehand. Thanks everyone for the tips! Good luck to all

  • All right. I decide not wasting time on this game……

  • snagged a pair. thanks OP

  • was spamming the button since 1:55 but still missed out :( anyone got any advice?

    • spamming the button 15 seconds to the time. I got it that way.

  • Had it in my cart from the last hour and.. still missed out… wth

  • +1

    I had the payment page all set up from the previous hour.. refreshed and spammed the payment button from 1:59PM and it kicked me out at 2 saying insufficient quantity.. sigh

    • Same here……

    • It did this to me 2 sessions back and I had to start again. Got one this time but did nothing different, so it's a real Chook raffle by the look of it.

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    It is very easy this time (I guess it because everyone believes it wastes time). I was able to get one, don't know why.

    • +1

      The opposite for me, couldn't even keep it in the cart so it's actually harder this time? Maybe it's my internet connection?

      • I used Cellular (Optus), Tethering from Note 9.

      • It could be my internet connect is very good (NBN - FTTP).
        Pro tip: do 'Buy it now' instead of add to cart
        Good luck

  • +1

    Got to pay screen entered code and confirm, sold out.

    Next time had it all in my cart still with code applied, confirmed over and over, no stock.

    Is this just a joke!!!

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    Got one!

    Had it in my cart from an earlier attempt. Sat on checkout page and kept clicking Pay Now from 1:29.

    NOTE: as soon as they are restocked, the checkout page will refresh and warn you that the listing has changed. You've got to hit Pay Now again!!

    • Got that message and hit it again, Nek minnite, sold out

      • Same here (I mean unsuccessful), it seems to work randomly and it is just a lottery!

    • +1

      finally got mine.. and thank you for the note

  • followed everyones advice with putting it in the cart one hour, pressing buy the next. make sure your credit card details are up to date and your address is set.

  • I accidentally jumped the gun and paid the retail price. I thought I applied the code on my app. I have requested a cancellation. Might show up in stock if the seller approves it.

    Anyone know if I am entitled to a refund for an accidental purchase? Really hating myself right now.

    • +1

      Adrenaline! You're not the first to do this so hope they cancel for you.

      • +1

        Thanks Global Nomad.

        I just got onto the Ebay Plus customer service team who advised there is nothing they can do. The seller has 3 days to approve the cancellation.

        I don't see why they won't cancel as I highly doubt they've sent it yet :P

        Will try again, but I am not liking my chances.

        I will advise of the outcome.

    • +1

      Yes, ebay plus has free returns.

  • Got a pair at 1pm. Much easier this time - I did it all in the one session on my Android phone eBay app using mobile network (4G); didn't need to wait for a subsequent session.

  • Don't even want this.

  • Also got a pair at 1pm, had them in my cart from the 12pm release.

    • Added credit card
    • Had discount code already entered
    • Kept hitting pay now until it went through.

    As others mentioned, the 1pm drop was released late, so for later drops have a second tab open showing the number sold so you can check in case that hours drop is late.

  • -1

    very easy this time, already have the airpod 1, don't know why i buy this

  • waste of time, not able to get for normal users. Just for the bot.

    • I’m not a bot and got one…

  • +5

    for those who miss out, you can purchase the Airpods 2nd Gen with wired charging case for $173.82 using code PAPA20 , still a good price though..


    • That's a better deal cos I'm not renewing for plus

      • Make a new account for trial?

    • you forgot GST

    • didnt realise this is NZ listing with GST attach ..

  • +1

    Got some at 10am WST. Refreshed from 9:55, page loaded then I went straight to "Buy Now" rather than adding to cart, added the code, and boom - order confirmed. Missed out on the 99$ special after trying all day, but this one was first time. Happy days.

  • got one, thanks OP!

  • Got them

  • Used edge instead of chrome as chrome was extremely slow, not only couldn’t get it but it comes up with listing ended and lose the checkout page !!!

  • Sorry, we can't complete your checkout at this time. Please try changing your item quantity or check your account status.

  • Finally! and i got the order confirmation.
    "Thanks! Your order was placed."
    As suggested before, keep your item in your cart and checkout page when all info is ready (address, promotion code, credit card) and click the pay now non stop!

    • Can I ask what device (windows computer, phone etc.) you are using?
      I'm in Chrome on a Windows computer and I have kept them in my cart, but the only option I have is 'Go to checkout' which is greyed out until each hour.
      When I hit 'Go To checkout' I still need to enter in the promo code before I can hit 'Confirm and Pay'.

      • hit buy it now when available, next window will let you enter the code and click "buy", which will fail if it is out of stock, but that is the screen you can remain on until the next hour

      • Sure, i used my desktop PC with Chrome.
        The trick is to plan for the next drop, so in your 1st attempt you should be able to access the Buy Now checkout page, while filling out all of the details, click pay now but you will probably gonna miss it since it lasts few seconds. Then, keep the same session alive, checkout page ready with all of the details for the next drop, click pay now non stop from X:59 till X+1:02
        Hope this helps.
        Good luck!

        • Thanks guys, I'll try set that up with the 4pm drop and hopefully snag them on the 5pm drop.

  • Thanks! Your order was placed.
    Estimated delivery: 29 – 30 Aug
    We got your order, and we're processing your payment.
    You saved AU $150.00 on this purchase.

    No email notification yet.

    • I got this a couple of times earlier - I don't think it worked unless there is a "view order details" link underneath "We'll send you email confirmation soon". When mine actually worked the money came off of my card straight away

    • +1

      This happened to me last time, if you don't have it in your order history/aren't charged for it - then it's no deal :(

      • What a crock, and now my saved cart doesnt work…

        • you can go back in your browser/history to find that page again and it should still work (also you can open it up twice in two windows and spam both!)

          • @ldawg: Yeh if i go to the browser history page it brings up the success page, sucks

    • It happened to me before and contacted support. They said it's not charged and ask me to try again later.

      Check your Myebay page and if nothing there, it's not ordered.

  • Okay… got it this time around with confirmation.
    Will see if they actually deliver.

    • same, hopefully they do!

    • Why do you think they will not fulfill this? its a legitimate purchase.

  • +1

    Finally got mine. Thanks op

  • +1

    Thanks OP… finally got mine using the saved cart method.

    • Could u explain hw it works? Do u just stay at the checkout page and spam the pay button?

  • I got mine on the 2pm drop, also got the Sony deal here with AMEX: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/476608

    They're both ~$180, any idea on which one is better?

    • +1

      probably the sony with anc..

    • +2

      I have both and my opinion is the Sony's are way better for audio and longer period listening. The AirPods are better for quick calls and situations where you need to hear your surroundings. The AirPods are also noticeably easier to carry without a bag.

    • +1

      I have both, convenience and phone calls quality is definitely with Airpods (if you use iPhone)

      Sony wins for Noise cancelling + music sound quality.

    • Sony much better when it comes to sound quality, but there are nice features here that Sony doesn't have mainly W1 chip and wireless charging. Overall, I would still go for the Sony though.

  • +2

    I know I will get a lot of neg for this comment - but so far I have been able to get all 3 eBay Plus deals (Airpod $99, SSD and AirPod $169). I am loving eBay Plus but only if this sort of deals come every now and then. Without these deals, I don't really see a lot of use of eBay Plus.

    • +3

      Damn it, you made me read this

  • +2

    seems like most people got it this time, maybe the robots are offline :P

    • lol

      • Or there's not many bots left with a plus account.

  • Sorry it's not clear — is this deal for eBay Plus members only? or is it simply +$10 for non-members?

  • Yay, I got one in the end. Now I have faith in eBay plus.

  • Doesn't even come up anymore 😭😭😭

  • Hell yeah, got them!
    Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Sigh missed it again, even while spamming the pay now button in my cart :c

  • +1

    Bullshit deal that's impossible to obtain.

    Waste of time.

  • +1

    missed 4 pm ..sold out in seconds

  • Finally got one… was trying from morning.
    App was the easiest way to order it.
    Thanks OP,

  • Too easy. Followed the steps from the past deals, locked it in at 3pm, got it at 4pm.

    Thanks OP.

    See ya all next round! :)

    • Could you please explain how touched follow the steps?

      • Sure :)

        This is what I've done for the past 2 deals (SSD and Airpods)

        Step 1 - An hour before you intend to actually buy the item:
        At 2:58pm, I opened two windows of the product page and refreshed each one repeatedly until the "Buy it Now" popped up. Pressed it on both - the one I pressed first didn't work funnily enough, but second window went through to checkout.

        *If you managed step 1, you're pretty much guaranteed success.

        Step 2 - Time to buy the item:
        Fill in your details, apply the discount code, but don't press "Confirm and Buy"!
        At 3:58pm, I copied and opened up four windows of the checkout page. I then cycled through the "Confirm and Buy" buttons on each of the four tabs until I got the "Thanks! Your order was placed" message.

        Hope this helps!

        • so you click "Confirm and Buy" at 3.58?

          • +1

            @pinkybrain: Exactly. Even if the item is not "ready" yet for the next batch, you won't lose the checkout page.

            Started at 3:58, and kept cycling through until the order went through.

  • I think many people gave up. My sister also got one after 2 attempts.

  • +1

    yaas I got one finally had like 15 checkout tabs open constantly clicking to buy

    still leaving the downvote because this inherently is a huge waste of everyone's time

    • True. But with this price, it's worth trying. Never seen more than 20% off of Apple products.

  • +3

    Literally had it ready to go for the past 3 hours. Literally sold out in 2 seconds each 3 times.

    Anyone want to sell a pair? My missus breaking my balls

    • Ye 250 a pair here , from this deal.

  • Ebay Plus Propaganda
    All units @ 2.00pm where sold in 14 seconds
    I just wasted my time on this today

  • +3

    Missed it the 5th time, oh well.. probably will never get one.

    • Unfortunately yes, last one was 4pm

  • A cool $118300 earned in 6 hours. Good business! Wonder whats his profit

  • +1

    if they give a invoice for the original price of $319, people can claim the GST back if going oversea as well

  • +4

    Totally waste of time.

  • I just read T&Cs and last one was 4pm :((

  • +3

    With only 100 units per hour people are going to miss out, but plenty on here were successful.

    To say it’s a waste of time is silly, it takes a few minutes at the top of each hour - times that by 7 if you tried each hour and that’s 15-20 minutes out of your day.

    Not bad for the chance to pick up a bargain, people don’t think about how much time they “waste” on social media etc. everyday.

  • +7

    I am happy to say that after the T5 deal fiasco of a week ago I cancelled my eBay plus membership… For the people that win it is great but there would be far more people who will become weary of eBay deals when they are so limited.

    Many many years ago Harvey Norman used to do do super discounts on consoles, games and even genuine controllers were $10, and advertise it everywhere, only to be told that it was extremely limited to 1 per store when you got there. They don't do that anymore but it leaves a lifelong negative vibe….

  • Followed all the instructions. Missed out cause BOQ knocked back the transaction. Fuming

  • Finally got one. Tried every hour on the last deal and got it on my second try today. Would have preferred the cheaper deal but still a good price compared to the Sonys at $250 I think.

    • I got the Sony WF's for $175, and these for $170 for my friend. I think the Sony are a better deal even though it was way easier to buy lol.