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Hi my pc is getting outdated now and am looking to upgrade. I would rather not build my own and would like some advice on pre built or custom built systems. I would like it to be capable of VR and a few new games

Budget is around the 3K give or take

Is this a good purchase at $3099 using ebay plus discount?



  • Do you actually own a VR headset yet? Most 'good' vr headsets are around $700~900 AUD depending on the brand. That takes up a significant chunk of your pc budget, and you also need to take into consideration the price you'd sink into buying VR games.

    At a $3000 budget for a PC (tower only, not counting peripherals) the law of diminishing returns is going to hit you (your wallet) pretty hard

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    You can use this one as an example as to what off the shelf PCs are for that price

    Seems pretty similar, this has faster RAM plus you can see exactly what product you are getting rather than descriptions like "750W Gold PSU" with no idea of brand etc

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    That's a decent build, but I'd have to check to see if that price is a reasonable one. The components are certainly top-shelf, though I'd personally make a few changes:

    1. AMD processor instead of Intel, especially with AMD's Ryzen 3 CPUs wiping the floor with intel currently (if you can, wait for a month or two for more reviews to come out since they've only just launched iirc);

    2. The 2TB HDD + 500GB SSD is an outdated config imo, for a $3k build, I'd have at least 1TB (if not 2TB+) of NVMe SSD because you'd be wanting to put Windows as well as all your games and programs on the SSD and 500GB would run out very fast;

    3. I'd go for a more normal air cooler than water-cooled - today's CPUs don't really need water-cooling unless you're thinking of doing pretty hard over-clocking, and the extra risk/worry of water-cooling, even an all-in-one, isn't worth it to me; and

    4. Just lastly, I'd want to know the exact model of the Power Supply, because while 80Plus Gold is pretty reassuring, I go by this guide and again, at a $3k mark, I wouldn't be risking anything below Tier A.

    Go look up for good builds for every price point.

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    I would recommend taking a look at Techfast. They occasionally have ongoing deals every month or so at pretty low prices

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