Lost Foreign Expired Passport in Bus

Hi guys,

This would be the first time I'm posting on ozBargain. I lost my expired passport in a bus and I don't know what should I do. I am afraid of "Identity theft" and was wondering if it would happen to me. I contacted the depot by filling a lost form on the website on friday, but haven't heard from them yet. My question is, would losing my expired passport (with different Passport No to my new one) expose any dangers to me? Could the one who took the passport steal my funds,etc? Furthermore, what should I do if it is lost forever?

Thank you


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    Australian passports should be okay, but its best to contact the country that issued the passport for further information.


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    Member since 6 hours…1 post….carrying around an expired passport? oooookkkk

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      Carrying around an expired passport makes sense if you are not a citizen as it might be your best form of identification (can't get Australian drivers license etc)

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        But he said he had a current one?
        Are expired passports even usable for ID?

        • You don't want to be carrying around your current passport of you have a choice in case it gets lost.

          And yes expired passports can be used as ID.

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      Correct. That is what OP stated -

      This would be the first time I'm posting on ozBargain. I lost my expired passport..

      • :) Thanks. I must have been multitasking…..badly.

    • my bad….
      I'm just freaked out because I've heard about cases of identity theft. I don't know where to ask since Google couldn't help me so I decided to make a new account and ask in ozBargain (since I used ozBargain a lot but doesn't have an account)

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    • Yes to?

      • All of your questionnaires.

  • Day has begun with bang…

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    I'd be wary, ISIS is known to use stolen passports to set up fake identities and borrow copious amounts of moeny in their name. Suggest changing your identity.

    • Can expired passports be used to borrow money?

      • Banks accept passports up to 4 years past expiry date.

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    It is probably worth asking with the depot lost&found again. On the rare occasion I have lost something on transport, it has usually been returned, but sometimes sits in a driver's glovebox until the shift ends, then takes a little time to reach the lost and found.
    I know on one occasion a family member who didn't contact them, was tracked down a week later, so they are dogged but not lightning.

    • i like that… dogged but not lightning

    • so they are dogged but not lightning.

      Could be a slogan for public transport in general. They'll get you there…….. eventually.

  • last time I've lost my passport they posted it back to me

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    Could the one who took the passport steal my funds,etc?

    A bank would have to be really incompetent to hand over your cash to someone else on the basis of them presenting your expired foreign passport.

  • Thank you guys for the responses. I have contacted them and they told me that they would double-check and get back to me if found :)

  • Definitely report it to the country of origin as lost.

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