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Wireless QCY T2C Bluetooth Earphones + Charging Case AU $25.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ QCY Store via Amazon AU


You can get these wireless bluetooth earphones and a charging case for just $25.99

Great for running, commuting, or just going around the home.

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  • Anyone can vouch for build and sound quality?

    • I'm guessing they'd exceed any expectations for the price.

    • They're okay, I find them a bit lacking in bass personally but pretty good in general for the pricepoint.

      • Basically what kp93 said …

        using them for the last 2-3 month and they are very much ok … would not use them for sport

        • Why would you use them for sport?

          • @John Kimble: When the music at the bowling alley isn't the greatest?

          • @John Kimble: I used them for about 6 months, they're decent for the price. Bluetooth range is not good and build quality is not great (I dropped one and the plastic cracked).

            They're annoying for running because you have to keep adjusting them because they start to slip out. Even in the gym this would happen.

            EDIT: I don't know how to delete my comment, but I originally read your comment as "why wouldn't you use them for sport"

          • @John Kimble: compare to the other headphones of that style their weight distribution isn't great and when running they tent to fall out

            perfectly fine for walking

      • The bass sounds great to me. I need to make sure I get a really good seal with the buds though. I had to change to the largest.

        Really impressed with these and I paid $10 more! I use them all the time

        • I had the same experience. My first use was with the default medium sized buds. Sounded really airy and like a tin can.
          Put on the larger ones, felt the seal right away and an improvemnet to the sound. Still a bit tinny at first, but after about an hour of using them they warmed up. I've heard earphones/speakers can take a bit of use at first to properly sound like they're supposed to.

          Just did a workout with them. They were great. Not wires to worry about.

    • I just used my pair on the train and was quite impressed with the noise isolation. I'm no audiophile but music sounded passable too.

    • They're good for commuting, music, watching something. Biggest downside is phone calls, they're terrible for that. I usually end up removing the left ear bud and speaking into it as that's where the mic is, but even then, you have to speak loudly and you can't start yelling on a bus or a train.

      • biggest problem I always find with cheap headphones, they skimp on the mic. I have some wired QCY ones and I can't use them in the office to take a call because it picks up every noise and amplifies it, the redmi airdrops are just a garbled mess and although I'm going to pick up a pair of these, I don't expect much more.

        But for the price they're not going to be a plantronics headset. Considering the distance/direction from the mouth, it's not surprising they don't work. Only headphones I've ever had that actually work without a microphone somewhere near my mouth is my MDR-1000X's

    • I've used the daily for a few months. They sound okay. Build quality is a bit iffy, I dropped the right ear piece and the glue has snapped apart so the earpiece will split in half. Still works, I just have to be careful how I pull it out of the case. I'll probably suoerglue it back together and it'll be fine.

    • i had the qcy t1s it was good.. but abit bulky … and to compare it with haylou gt1 i think haylou is much better.. very nice bass.

  • How but my left one randomly disconnects

  • anyone know how they are meant to sit in your ear? is it the fat part pointing up or down in your ear? mine keep falling out

  • +8 votes

    If anyone prefers touch controls, slightly smaller earbuds and smaller case with reduced recharge battery capacity, the Dudios Free Mini (aka Haylou GT1) are $27.99 with coupon - JRD68V6I - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07SDBM37C/ref=ppx_yo_d...

    • i hear they are a bit louder and have better phone / voice quality

    • I got both, and the Haylou's are a smaller bud and a smaller case. I find the QYC case to be too big to carry in a tighter pocket (i.e jeans or shorts), whereas the Haylou case is much less noticible. The buds on the QYCs are larger, have button control and QYC branding on them. The Haylou's are smaller, touch controlled and have no branding.

      IMHO I prefer Haylou's due to the smaller size, better styling and pocketability. The only downside is having to plug the case in to charge.

    • I don't know where you got the coupon code but thank you. I've just ordered these ones as they look a little more sleek. Looking forward to giving them a go!


        Not to worry, it's not another QFF "invalid" code. It's almost hidden under the listing on Amazon.

  • ripper , thanks

    now all we need is a coupon code for QCY T1 Pro

  • Wow great deal. Bought these on Clears GeekBuying deal and they have been decent.

  • how these compared to the xiaomi ones? they looks identical

  • Bought one and im loving it. Sound similar to my Jaybird Run True Wireless Headphones or even better!

  • Stupid, I used the code and then went back to my cart to check something, went back to checkout and it said the code has already been used!

  • Bought these other week on the geekbuying deal. Use them at gym and running and I find them really good for the price. Other ones I have bought fall out every now and then but these stay solid. Will buy again for spare

  • I may have missed it but I can't see if these have a wireless charging case or not, anyone can tell?

  • Dammit I literally bought this item from this seller last night for $39.99

    • Cancel the order if not already shipped?

      • Just checked order, hasn't shipped yet but because its a third party seller there's no option to cancel order (apparently you only get 30 mins with 3rd party), instead I have to contact seller and request cancellation but the steps on the amazon.com.au help page don't exist so after half an hour of going around in circles I give up.

  • I have been using these for the last few weeks, commuting/walking/tuning out the kids. The noise cancelling has super impressed me and sound quality has been better than expected. I bought them to test out this type of earphone and i was going to buy the samsung buds if i liked them, but i am just going to keep these now.


  • Thanks got one

  • I've had a few pairs of cheap Bluetooth earphones, buds and headphones, and these are by far the best.
    Not outrageous quality sound, but quite good. Need a good seal to get best results, takes some tweaking for my ear holes. Connectivity is a dream- some others have been a PITA to connect etc, but these are a couple of seconds, no fiddling. Don't go especially loud, but loud enough for me. I get about 3.5 hrs of high or max while mowing etc, or 5.5 hrs on medium or low volume listening to podcasts.
    I recommend them. I paid 30 and am satisfied- already gearing up to buy another set when I inevitably lose one or both of these.

  • Somewhat odd question, can these go quieter than the iPhone's limit?

    I strangely listen to music at quieter levels and the stock earphones are too loud at its lowest setting.

  • Sound quality is good.
    Left earbud disconnect every now and then, and charging in the box takes a few tries.

  • How would these compare to powerbeats 2 or 3 in terms of sound quality? In before "beats are garbage" comments lol

  • it's showing $28.92 for me

  • overall quality is good, although lacks bass.
    charging case lasted me 2-3 months then gave out.

  • Hows the battery life?

  • Missed out. Rep any chance to run it again? Thanks.

  • Just bought 3 sets at the other sale last week at a higher price :(

  • even though it is expired, I am still able to purchase using the code.

  • Code still works for me.
    Just got one for $28.92.

  • Looks like this is back with code VDFWHG2U

    I received my pair yesterday from the original deal and so far they’re working great. Interested to see how long they last, can’t beat the price though I guess!