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[Android, iOS] Fronius Solar Web App Pro Free Now (Was $4.99) @ Google Play Store & iTunes


Apple version is also available free https://apps.apple.com/au/app/fronius-solar-web-pro/id431601...
This is a pro version of Fronius app

PROMOTION - until further notice free of charge

With the Fronius Solar.web PRO app you get a professional, comprehensive overview on the data of your PV system(s) with Fronius inverter(s).

Features of the PRO version:
- Watch the current values and the complete archive data of your PV systems
- Keep the overview by visualization of several systems at a glance
- Compare your systems with each other
- Show pictures of your PV systems to your friends
- Locate your systems on the map
- Get extended information about the PV systems
- Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

To use the app for viewing your own PV system data, your system has to be registered at the online portal Fronius Solar.web (within the setup wizard of the app or on www.solarweb.com). After installing the app on your device, you can constantly keep an eye on the current energy yield, CO2 savings, earnings and the archive data of your PV system.

The demo mode provides you with a sneak peek at what the app can do.

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  • +23 votes

    They sell the inverter for thousands of dollars and still charge five bucks for the app? Sounds ridiculous.

    • there is a free app that's always free. But that's nothing compared to the system, to get full use then you probably need an additional $300 for the smart meter

    • Valuing SMALL contributions is Part + Parcel of Solar PV

      It's a Low Density-Energy Source, totally dependent on Weather

      Maybe companies who try to push such a dim, IMO, business model
      tend to adopt "Small is Valuable" or Can't afford to miss any $

      News Flash: Greta Thornberg's arrived in N America for the big meeting

      Meanwhile, work continues (in Canada, Indonesia, & elsewhere) on:

      • High Energy-Density, Safe, Small (up to 400 MWe), Liquid-Fuel Molten Salt Reactors (MSR), that work tirelessly 24x7, like our computers

      (Don't confuse MSR's with our current Costly + Wasteful Nuclear plant!

      Get a Clue of the MSRs coming ~2030, eg, here:

      • YouTube "Pedersen TEDxCopenhagen"

      OK, so, MSR ver 1, fueled with Uranium comes first; MSR ver 2, fueled with Thorium comes next… Still each MSR version's heaps better than Coal & Gas:

      3,000,000 mt toxic Coal = 200 mt Uranium = 1 mt Thorium (in v.2 MSR)

      To see AU's Coal dinosaurs (Vic, Qld, NSW): app "ElectricityMap"

      To get a clue how much more Energy-Dense even today's Nuclear is,
      look at Ontario's Power EXPORTS here:

      • Live.GridWatch.CA (ie, at page-bottom)

      Green Nuclear Energy = a More Effective way to Fix Climate than AU's

  • I didn't even know there was a paid app, thanks!

  • +12 votes
    1. 2.8 rating on play store, 2.1 rating on app store.
    2. Has not been updated in over 2 years.
    3. From the comments it sounds broken and very basic.

    No wonder they are giving it for free.

  • I got the premium version when I had my solar done and I want very impressed.

    I end up using PVOutput for all monitoring, 10 times better than fronius logging

    • Solar.web is really useful for troubleshooting though. Checking grid voltages, and string current etc.

      • and you can just add the premium version to your cart and get it free for what seems forever

        • haha that is insane, i just clicked the premium and checked out and it didn't charge anything. I just assumed it was going to cost some crazy amount.

    • pvoutput is not accurate, each day output seems to be out by about 0.1-0.2kwh. I compared data between solar.web, my distributor website and pvoutput, the first two always match up

      • I'd be surprised if pvoutput.org was any 'wronger' than the other mobs.

        Maybe check the raw data- paste a day's data into a spread sheet to compare where pvoutput varies it. It probably applies a factor for standard losses, rather than assume all power recorded by the inverter/consumption meter gets recorded by the utilities meter.

      • PVoutput does the totals itself based on recordings so it doesn't capture changes that happen within the 5mins (assumes it was that reading for the whole 5 mins). Over 1 year wouldn't expect to be out by too much.

      • pvoutput only records what the inverter pushes to it so garbage in, garbage out
        And for the level of reporting etc that it does, i wouldnt be too worried about 0.1kwh a day

    • Hi mate, could you please share your output parameters to export to pvo? I have done the same but find that my pvo data differs greatly from solar web. Must be something I did wrong to the pvo parameters.

      • I used the wiki on PVO and a whirlpool thread to get my API calls correct.

        But here are my strings:

        SolarAPI v1 - Current Data -Inverter

        SolarAPI v1 - Current Data - Meter

        SolarAPI v1 - Logdata - Data

  • I paid for this and asked for a refund within 5 minutes. Worst app ever - the webpage is far better lol.

  • What happens when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing?

  • "- Show pictures of your PV systems to your friends"

    Cannot tell you how long ive been waiting for an app that allows me to show my friends pics of PV Systems.. 5 stars!!

  • Is there a chart for consumption? Can only see production.

    • To do that you need the Fronius meter, once instlaled in your meter box you just plug it into the Fronius inverter's RS485 terminal. The inverter will then feed your consumption data to solar web and/or pvoutput.org

  • Bought last week -_-

  • Thanks. Installed. Now waiting for the same bargain on panels.

  • Well, need to buy smart metre first

  • An improvement over the standard app. Glad I downloaded it. Doesn't warrant all the negative comments.

  • Thanks for posting this.going to give this a try to see how it is.
    I’ve got the fronius inverter but decided to go with solar analytics over fronius and glad I did that.it monitors both production plus consumption plus system performance. Also it got expected production calculated daily based on weather and location data.

  • Just got a fronius installed, so this is good timing :P

    EDIT: Just installed it……….what is the point? its not much different to the free version, seems to have a different layout with the same info lol? Am I missing something

  • The app is more to use as a quick glance at what your solar and smart meter is doing. The solarweb site is a lot more detailed.

    Even if you haven't got solar yet but think you will eventually. Grab this and keep it. There's a good chance you'll go with a fronius inverter.

  • I use the free version all the time, its great and very useful (a bit clunky but otherwise fine).

    I think the only better thing about the pro version is it gives you a history of production and consumption

    Apart from that the free version does everything i need. Agree - it should have been free for Pro with a Solar System but hey

    ….so iphone covers should be free too right given they're for iphones that cost $1.5k?

    • I'd be pissed of if I paid $1.5k for an iPhone but then had to pay $5 to check the battery in the settings …

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