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Get $5-$7 Cashback with Telfast 180mg 50s ($5 Cashback), Telfast 180mg 60s ($6 Cashback) or Telfast 180mg 70s ($7 Cashback)


Purchase any Telfast 50s, Telfast 60s or Telfast 70s during the Promotional Period to claim a cash back reward:

Telfast 180mg 50s = $5 Cash Back
Telfast 180mg 60s = $6 Cash Back
Telfast 180mg 70s = $7 Cash Back

There is a limit of one (1) claim per household (based on residential address)

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  • Well here’s a deal that shouldn’t be sneezed at!

  • Most sufferers would already know about generics being far cheaper.

  • Thanks OP

  • Telfast brand 50 tablet for $29.95 - $5 = $25.95
    Generic brand 70 tablet for $16.95 at https://www.chemistdirect.com.au/fexorelief-180mg-tab-x-70-g...

    Some prefer the brand while most don't. Personal choice to pay more for the same

    • Chemistdirect charges a shipping fee of $9.95, unless your order is >$99. Likewise for Pharmacy Online and eBay stores selling the generic product. This makes them more expensive than Telfast from Chemist Warehouse for anyone who can pick up from a CW store:

      • Telfast 180mg x 70 tablets = $29.95 - $7 cashback = $22.95 at CW, compared with
      • Fexorelief 180mg x 70 tablets = $16.95 + $9.95 shipping = $26.90 at CD.
  • Has anyone successfully submitted a claim? I have tried the form on multiple browsers, multiple image/PDF formats and on phone and laptop, and it never submits.

    Suspect this “technical error” is how they avoid paying any actual cash back.

    • I submitted my claim on 23/8. Got the money in my PayPal account on 4/9.

    • Just worked for me, ensure the file doesn't have any spaces or special characters

    • I've done it for a Paypal refund for 2-3 years now.

      Probably a PICNIC error.

    • I had problems a while back, but I managed to successfully submit it just now (received submission confirmation email). I've tried different image formats, browsers and devices too, didnt work but what solved my problem was making the file size smaller. Hope that helps.

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