Printing from iPhone to Brother DCP-1510

Hi Folks,
is it possible to print from Iphone to Brother dcp 1510?
printer doesn't support Air print.

any connectors from lightning to usb or any other way you can please advise?



    I can't help you with direct printing from the phone, but if all else fails you could email whatever you wanted to print to yourself and open it up on a device that can connect to the printer.

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    It doesn't appear to be a network printer but if you can get it onto a network (such as with an AirPort Express) I've used an app called "Handy Print" that does the same thing as AirPrint.

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    If you have a Mac try handyPrint I’ve been using it for a couple of years. It lets you use AirPrint to print to a wifi printer. I configured it for colour or black printing. $5 donation.


    While more expensive than handyPrint (for Mac) if you have a Windows machine I use and it has worked great, it's about $30 AU

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