Apple Credit Card Debacle

Apple FTW.

Apple warns new credit card users over risks of it touching wallets and pockets

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    And, US, will be sorted before it lands here. end/thread

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    Will surely get one. Looks very clean tho.


    This allows them to sell you the iWallet cover! Keep your shiny card as new as when you received it. Only holds one card, rrp $199. Unfortunately, Apple users would probably jump at that.

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    Why does anyone really care how their card looks, don't all cards end up looking worn after a few months of physical use?

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    The card is not actually the main part of the arrangement.
    The card is designed to be used digitally and the physical card is only for places that do not accept Apple pay (in us Apple Pay penetration is around 65%, in Aus its 98% due to tap and go tech being a big thing here)

    A lot of card owners are reporting they are not concerned as they do not carry the card on them anyways as they prefer using the wallet
    When you use Apple pay you get 2% cash back, where as using the physical card only rewards you 1%


    I've seen the design months ago and did like the minimalist style, although a little high maintenance from what I gather in that article. Also read on this site and a few others that it would not allow bitcoin purchases because of higher risks that come with cryptocurrencies. Not a deal breaker for me as I barely know anything there but would also not be in a hurry to have one.