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[Switch] Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Pair $86.26 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just browsing Amazon for Joy-Cons and noticed the price dropped (perhaps for the fathers day special?). It seems to be the cheapest price for a set of Joy-Cons at the moment.

This price only applies to the Grey Joy-Cons it seems.

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  • Does anyone know if joycons bought now are any different than the launch ones? My left one is a lost cause even after sending it to Nintendo to fix it.

    • Joystick drift?

      • Yeah. It was tolerable but now it's at the stage I've just given up on it. I play it mostly docked it anyway but still not ideal

        • Isn't Nintendo honouring a replacement for free? Just pay postage.

          • @shiny1: Even for joycons bought at launch?

            I have the same issue with my original joycon (L). It get annoying when I am selecting games at the main menu.

            @Megabob, have you tried removing the rubber part and cleaning it? Works for some people but not mine. Currently using the Splatoon neon green and salmon orange joycons but I'm afraid it's a matter of time before it drifts again

            • @azngamer: I haven't no, I'm a bit scared of removing anything. I've read that getting one of those high pressure cleaning spray cans and blowing that at the base can help dislodge any dust that might be contributing, but I haven't got around to trying that yet.

              • @MegaBob: The ones that just sprays air may not be enough to fully dislodge debris that have been rubbed in.

                I would recommend using electrical contact cleaner sprays, which use non-conductive cleaning fluids.

          • @shiny1: i think thats only in northern america

  • Yeah that's not overpriced at all.

  • Holy crapballs those are expensive.

    They don't feel like they should be priced like this, a little disappointing. Hopefully mine will last a while.

    Anyone else have lag issues with these very easily?

  • They're expensive because they're packing in a lot of tech with two batteries, transmitters, NFC, IR, etc..

    Still prefer the pro controller, much nicer to use and feels more reliable

  • Cheaper on eBay from catch if you got plus though, $84.60. just yellow and red/blue though unless the yellow has run out.

  • Cheaper if you purchase the Catch gift cards at 20% off and then purchase it on Catch! From memory it worked out to be around $75 for them.