45W SuperFast Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Only Minutes Faster than The 25W

Phone on, screen off:

Charge for 30 minutes, 25W got 67%, 45W got 73% , 6% more charged.

100% charge: 25W takes 1 hour 5 minutes, 45W takes 57 minutes, only 8 mintues faster.


  • Guess that's why Samsung doesn't bother to use that 45W charger in the packaging, sold separately for $50 USD

    And they might have limited it, to prevent another fire gate

    • They have limited it… sort of. I made a comment about it in a recent deal.

      Basically they're using a standard of USB-PD called Programmable Power Supply (PPS) that tries to reduce power loss and heat. It does this by slowly increasing the voltage while decreasing the amperage as the battery nears 100%.

      They're also going to make good money out of their 45W charger as well since it requires PPS, USB-PD 3.0 that'll reach 15V/3A and an e-marked USB-C cable. Few chargers support PPS and very few cables advertise their e-mark status.

  • Try testing it with Cygnett 45W powerbank and see if it is faster or the same.

  • 45W SuperFast Charger for Note 10+ Only Minutes Faster than The 25W

    Hmm. House-cleaning first I guess: Did you use the Samsung $50 (USD?) charger? Because apparently the Note 10+ uses a special type of USB-PD 40W charging (PPS) and not all 45W chargers have it. Second, did you use a 5A charging cable? Apparently that's also necessary too.

    That out of the way, I'm not that surprised. Phones and other devices don't charge at a flat power draw rate from 0% to 100%. From memory, they ramp up power steadily to the max draw (25W or 45W), charge at that until it reaches something like 90? 95?%, and then ramp down the draw.

    With a relatively smaller battery (compared to laptops and tablets), mobile phones will only see the advantage mostly when topping up power in the middle of the day, rather than from empty to full, because it won't spend that much time at full power draw.

    I'm trying to find graphs of the power draw to show this but uh, my googlefu is failing me.

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