BIC Cristal Precise Ballpoint Pens 0.8mm Blue/Black 100 Pack $5 @ Officeworks


Visited the local Officeworks (Five Dock NSW), 100 BIC pens for $5
There were a few boxes left but other stores may have them.
5c a pen.

Considering they sell a 12 pack for almost the same price.

Not sure what I am going to do with them all though, don't do much writing these days.

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    Close to what they are actually worth. Great price for a reliable brand name.


    Does anyone know if they work on recycled paper? (valid question).

    Last time I brought the standard BIC they didn't, however they sent me a years worth of replacement product with a product to my house.


      How'd you get the replacement - just contact them? I've had so, so many not work properly.


        It was a few years ago, I believe we emailed them (Perth distribution being in the next suburb at the time).

        In the end they asked if they could send a rep past and get the sample paper (ring binder paper for school) so they could do internal testing and in return gave us a pack of goodies (pretty much a big bag with just about every product they had), still have some around the house.


    Thanks OP. Picked up a box at West Ryde. None on the shelves but staff remembered seeing them out the back.