Xiaomi Mi 9T Screen Protector

Anyone have any suggestions for a tempered glass screen protector? Other forums/reddit keep suggesting ones not available in Australia. I got one with the phone but it was much too small and has an annoying black edge that blocks some of the screen.

I'm half tempted to go to one of those random shopping centre places and get them to just pick the best size one and put it on for me. Anyone have any experience with that?


  • Have you looked for Redmi K20 screen protectors? They're the same phone.

    eg.: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33026516993.html

    • I didn't even think to look at Ali Express because I've never personally bought from there before. Good experience with it?

    • They're all 1-2 months shipping which isn't great for something I need now. Was hoping someone knew of a good and relatively local option.

  • Do not buy INVISIUM brand tempered glass for Mi 9T.

    Apparently the screen is little curved thus the protector will not cover edge to edge. Even that, the edge still has lots of air gap that won't go away. They also included a glue which supposedly can be used to fix this issue, but when I received it, it was leaking everywhere.

  • Did you end up settling on one?

    I'm also in the market for a Mi 9T, but shipping time for the Nillkin one people were recommending is twice that of the phone itself…

    • Nup, haven't got one yet. Shipping times are ludicrous. I'm just going to cough up the money to get someone to install one for me at a shopping centre when I'm next at one. That way, I'll know its installed well too. Let me know if you find any better option than that…

      • Thanks.

        My issue just solved itself thankfully, turns out Tobydeals just put up bundles including a screen protector, so I'll just get it from there with my phone.

        • I got mine from Tobydeals and it was a fair bit smaller than the screen. Black edges covered some pixels. It was a random knockoff brand though so YMMV. I've already dropped it though and it still saved my screen so can't complain - but I wanted a new one that covered the whole screen and didn't have black edges…

          • @LaHug: Ah, darn.

            Thanks for letting me know though, I guess I'll just order the Nillkin one and hope it comes faster than advertised.

            • @HolyFosh: You might get lucky in that they might send different ones but thought I'd give you my experience. That said, it still saved my screen so it's far better than nothing!

              • @LaHug: I ended up deciding on buying the Niilkin one off eBay last night, it's two weeks postage, so the phone will arrive earlier, but I figured otherwise I was just going to waste more time later if the generic one was no good.

                • @HolyFosh: Hey mate, just wondering if these were good screen protectors in your experience?

                  • @shrugies: Yeah, it's a solid screen protector.

                    I got the H+ pro without the black edges.

                    It is a little slim though, it exactly covers the screen sideways. I don't have a gap or anything, but just to let you know.

                    Also don't order it from eBay. Their shipping is really bad, it took about a month to arrive when I got the phone in 4 days

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