Is GO Mastercard any good?

Good morning(?) fellow OzBargainers, just wondering if anyone has a GO Mastercard and if they're any good as an every day credit card (I would mainly use for hotel bookings and event tickets). I currently have the HSBC retail card which is used for JB Hi Fi interest free purchases. I'm looking to use the GO Mastercard at Hardly Normal for a new bed/mattress on 60 months interest free. Thanks for any input.

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    Just use it to pay off the bed in the interest free term then close it.

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    Yep, just use it to buy stuff from Hardly Normal on interest free terms
    It has interest free terms of 55 days I think, then the interest is over 20%
    Just use it for your bedding, then leave it somewhere to collect dust until you pay off the bedding, then close the card or just leave it open for your credit score to stay high.
    I think if you close cards it may go against your credit score. But I think it is getting changed so check up on it in a few years time when you pay off your bedding.
    get another credit card for other usage. check on for CC's

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    Just be aware, the Go Mastercard has a $5.95 monthly account keeping fee so over the life of the interest free period you could be up to $360.