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Village Gold Class e/Voucher $30 @ Village Cinemas


Fathers day special on Gold Class ticket.
Doesn't seem to be any exclusions on use.
Looks like they want you to only buy one (Dad has to go alone?) but once you add to cart you can increase the number.

Deal only valid for today, Monday 26th August Extended until midnight tonight (Tuesday 27th)

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Village Cinemas
Village Cinemas

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  • +4

    Thanks OP got 2.

    Expiry date 31 August 2020.

    • I got November 2020! (physical vouchers)

      Makes up for the books of 10 I got a few times, with 6mth expiry on them.

  • +1

    Gold class is such a rip off now. When it was first introduced at my local Hoyts in WA more than a decade ago you would pay for the ticket and as well as getting the wicked chairs you also got unlimited soft drink and popcorn refills that you could do yourself at any time. You also had the option of premium food and wines if you wanted to pay extra.

    Now you get a seat. That's all. Not even a complimentary drink and popcorn. (profanity) gold class.

    • It's a comfy seat though :)

      But yeah their food is a rip off. $8 for a milkshake, no bourbon or anything.

      • +2

        A comfier seat can be had in my own home and I can spend the extra cash on some decent UberEats.

      • +1

        I actually prefer Hoyts Recliner these days.

      • What are the gold glass seats like compared to VMAX recliners? I feel like going VMAX is a much better option than gold class.

    • +3

      Gold Class was worth it when it was 18+ to avoid bogan “families”. Now they let the shits in.

    • I thought that was still the case with hoyts lux, that you get free popcorn and soft drinks. Village on the other hand I never seen them give free anything…

    • How long have you held in to the RAGE? LOL.

      Village can kiss my rear. I hate just about everything about their business. My ignorance is in full power when I give them money, or visit. I have a serious home theatre setup. Use it daily. But that doesn't solve all situations.

      I'll be buying this deal for others. Not all walks want a slab of beer. And gift cards with dollar amounts on don't sit great with me.

  • Can't seem to check out — says problem with my card. Definitely nothing wrong with my card… details are all correct.

    "We're sorry, but there seems to be a problem with the payment method you have tried. Be sure to check your details to ensure they are correct. If you are certain that your details are correct, please contact our customer service team at [email protected]. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

    • Just worked for me a second ago. Maybe try another card?

      • Tried two other cards/different bank card owners. Still didn't work.

        Will try again later.

  • For me it’s very similar the Hoyts reclining chair at half the price !

    • I don't understand…

      • Same. Seems to have things backwards.

  • +2

    If you are buying this for yourself consider that vrewards standard gold class tickets are $32

    • +2

      Only on Tuesdays iirc

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