expired Oral-B Genius Series 9000 Power Toothbrush, Star Wars Limited Edition $159.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon Deal of the Day - although 10 bucks more than last time

Random Star Wars fact: The Ewok language is a combination of Tibetan and Nepalese…

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  • +2 votes

    Is this the same toothbrush that vader uses, because no thanks.

  • +5 votes

    Personally, I'd get this brush for $48, exactly the same cleaning capability …..


    ….notably, it has 3D action (something the cheap supermarket brushes don't) without all the gimmicks.


    Makes me glad I can get 8000's all day for $80

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    Lol.. Who would use the smartphone holder to put their iphones in so that they know they've brushed for 3 minutes and scoring 5 stars for your daily brushing??

    Great thinking, Oral B.. "I need to watch my youtube clip whilst I am brushing and need something to hold onto my phone."



    The Ewok language is a combination of Tibetan and Nepalese

    Written or spoken? Or both?

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    I've had the top of the range Oral B and Philips and neither beat the Xiaomi Soocas X3 and they're 4 times the price.

  • -3 votes

    …who the hell buys this crap?


    On eBay plus day, dual handle ones went for $190.


    So, that's what Stormtroopers use to clean their helmets.


    I've never hoped to get a new toothbrush for Xmas, until now.


    How does my $2 toothbrush size up to this?

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    I got one on sale last time. Verdict: would not buy again. It's overpriced. The whole phone camera thing is inaccurate. I thought it would use the brush to figure it out, but seems to just use the camera and it's never correct. It needs to see your teeth, but you can't have your mouth open for that because toothpaste will go flying everywhere.

    Pressure sensitivity sensor is alright if you're clueless and brush too hard. Colors are a major gimmick. Not everything needs to be RGB. The carry case is cool, but you still need the extra charger, so you may as well just take the normal base with you.

    The clip on the mirror looks stupid. The calendar never worked properly, as it would say I only brushed once but it was twice that day, and it would assign that brushing session to another day. Maybe there's a trick, but if I turn the brush on to clean it after my session with water, it thinks I'm brushing again.

    It's just not worth the money when cheaper models brush the teeth just as well.


    Kogan just brought out a Sonic toothbrush, $39 early price. It looks decent etc