TobyDealsAU Reliability and Reputation

I've been looking into purchasing a new Xiaomi phone recently, since my Redmi 3 Pro is more than 3 years old and the battery is getting on.

Last time I bought from Geekbuying, but I've heard some dodgy things about them since.

TobydealsAU seems like it has a mixed reputation from what I've seen in the comments, but 430 is a lot less than the 700 JB wants for a Mi 9T…

So I was wondering if anyone has had good/bad experiences with them?

Or had any other seller suggestions.

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    Can't you just smack them with a credit card chargeback if they f you around?


      Yeah I can.

      But if they're reliable it's probably worth the extra 30 or so dollars to buy from them rather than buying from Aliexpress.


    The only problem I've had with majority of the Chinese websites is the time the shipment arrives, it's normal. I haven't had any problems with the actual items.


    I've had positive experiences with tobydeals. Have purchased 2 Redmi N7s (separate orders) and they arrived within less than 2 weeks.


    I have recently ordered an A50 from them. They won't send you regular updates. You will have to keep emailing the team for the update. But they do reply quickly. The product will take some time to reach you though. But, I won't complain at the price they offer.


    I have recently on 2 separate occasions bought phones from them (Nokia and Samsung) and both arrived in a week, sent by courier from Hong Kong


    I used them for a phone. Came quickly, legit stock, works well. Only potential drawback is they don't provide an invoice with GST, in case you wanted to claim TRS.

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    I ordered a xiaomi phone thru them - paid for express shipping and came by DHL - could have been a little faster to send out but still pretty good nonetheless for the price!

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      The security you feel when you’ve paid extra for DHL delivery is worth every cent.

      I’ve ordered maybe 12 xiaomi phones from Geekbuying/Aliexpress/Shopmonk and only on 1 occasion did I not use DHL and man the stress of not knowing exactly where the package was not worth it

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        Yep +1 to that!!!!
        These guys are notorious for slow messages/replies etc. so DHL tracking number helps keep my stress at bay when ordering stuff from them.
        DHL is worth every cent and more - they even delivered it to me on a SUNDAY as well.


    I ordered a Samsung Oddessy+ HMD from them in June. Received within a week no worries.


    I'll add my 2 cents. I have ordered recently and all went ok. I even got a $20 price reduction due to the price going down about 2-3 after I ordered and I asked if the would give me price reduction(my order still hadn't left the warehouse yet) and they were happy to do it.


    I was just about to post a thread regarding tobydeals but thought I would chime in here to get some opinions.

    Going to order watch for my dad and have 3 options:
    Cheapest - $267

    Creation Watches - $297

    Amazon sold through Watches Australia - $319

    Do you guys think tobydeals worth the gamble with Paypal as protection?

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    Hi, mate!

    Have you heard about this site? Is this company reliable?
    I just arrived in AU from my country and I don't know about online shopping in AU.

    I read what is the best mobile post in this forum and decided to buy F1 from xiaomi.
    But I am not sure this shop is believable as they don't have that many reviews on Xiaomi.
    Also This phone is international version means I can use it in AU, right?

    Thanks for the all advice in this forum to pick the best mobile for me and comment will be here in advance!

    This is the link I looked, Also Kogan.

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