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Möet & Chandon Champagne Offer - $46.90 in any six! Buy online or in store at Dan Murphy's.


Möet & Chandon, one of the world's best-loved champagnes. On offer this week at Dan Murphy's for only $46.90 in any six!


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  • i've had one sitting in a cupboard for about 10 years… do these things go off ????

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      if you have to ask - don't worry you won't taste the difference ;-)

      • i don't usually drink bubblies…

        in know i can cellar wooded chardonnays, and most of my reds, but don't know about Champagne…

        i doubt i'd drink any myself anyway…

        • mix with orange juice and it'll go down nicely

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          mix with orange juice

          local or imported ?

    • +1

      yes, they definately go off. You should give it to me and I'll dispose of it for you 8P

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        no probs…

        just post your phone number and address here and i'll get in touch with you…

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    "In any six" is an odd way of referring to the price structure.

    I assume that it ACTUALLY means the order quantity multiple is 6, and you pay $281.40 = $46.90 each instead of $49.40

    WOO HOO… A massive $2.50 - YES THAT'S RIGHT, FIVE PERCENT discount folks. Wow what a deal!

    EDIT… Google cache shows that the price was $298.20 for 6 ($49.70 each) on 26/06/2011, so it's a slight discount from the previous normal price.

    • the $49.40 is actually more than just a 5% discount, in most stores sell this for about $80-$90 a bottle.

      • yeah you can SOMETIMES get it below $50 but usually in the 55-65 range

    • no it's when included in any purchase of 6 bottles of wine - they don't have to be the same. You can buy one of these and 5 x $2 cleanskins and you still get the discounted price.

  • yeah good deal

  • Please pronounce the T in Möet as it's Dutch, not French. Shits me to tears hearing people say it with a silent t while bearing a stupid smug look on their face.

    • Hang on, I thought Champagne had to be made in France for it to be called Champagne?
      As this is champagne, should it not be pronounced the french way with a silent T?
      Please educate me (nicely, please if you could)

      • Made in France. The man who established the vineyard was Dutch.

  • That link now shows it as 44.80 for me.

    Further Discount?

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