Heat Pump Dryer with Reverse Tumble

Hi All,

I am looking for Heat Pump dryer but keen on reverse tumble to prevent sheets/towel becoming a 'ball'

Can anyone recommend one? Miele seem to offer but mixed reviews and expensive. Electrolux seems to have as well but varied opinions on this brand..

Is this a necessary feature or ok to stick with a Bosch etc and deal with the 'sheet ball'

Many thanks!


  • Our AEG seems to do ok with sheets

  • Our Bosch makes the sheet ball, halfway through, open the dryer, turn the ball 180 degrees, and start the dryer again. The ball undose itself :)

    But yes if you can, get a reverse tumble feature if you can.

  • We have a Fisher & Paykel DH8060P1 8kg Heat Pump Dryer and it does reverse tumble on the sheets setting.

    • I have a f+P one too. Not sure which model right now. On the sheet setting it does reverse but it's pathetic. Feels like forward 1000 and reverse 10 tumbles.

      So I end up with a ball. I just check it every 30min and unball manually.

  • Anyone have experience with Electrolux heat pump dryers? EDH803BEWN seems to have this feature.

    I was also looking at the Miele TDD 130

    Mixed user reviews with heatpump dryers seems to be around it still being 'damp' or not hot. This is just the way the machines operate though correct?

    • Bought Electrolux model EDH803BEWN Few months ago from Harvey Norman….No issues so far.Just remember to clean the filter after every cycle

  • Strange, I have a cheap Esatto Heat Pump Dryer that I purchased for $550 and my sheets etc don't turn into a ball like my old dryer used to do.

  • All brand of dryers will have some sort of reverse tumble in its software to prevent tangling, some just won’t advertise or note it.

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