Credit Cards with Bad Credit????

Hey bargain babes
What's the easiest credit cards to get?
My credit rating isn't the best
I just want to use it for renting a car


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    bargain babes? thats a first

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      Lol should have used bunnys

  • a visa/mastercard debit card should work

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      Car rentals only accept credit cards

      • You can use a debit card at most major hire car brands
        They will charge you a $350-$500 deposit if you use a debit card and refund it upon return.

  • Just pick one from any big banks without any reward, perks and with lowest credit limit amongst others. Usually this card will be on the top of the list and has low rate or basic words.

    If you still get rejected, then bad luck, stay low for 1 or 2 years till your rating goes up. Check credit savvy website for your number.

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    Nope, don't need a CC

    Also, your debit mastercard/visa does have a "credit" facility. I recently did a $200 hold on mine for a hotel, perfectly fine

    • Thanks for your help mate will look it up.

  • Probably a CBA low rate card for $59 p/a

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    Lol @ bad credit and wanting more credit. Isn't that what got you into the "bad credit book" in the first place?

    Here is an idea, what about looking into fixing your bad credit. See what you can do to get it back to a level that will allow you to apply for credit cards.

    Or get a debit card. It will allow you to use the number on it similar to a credit card but you don't need a credit check to use your own money.

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      Dude thanks for the ideas and laughing at me… lol I was looking into credit cards with an easy approval

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        credit cards with an easy approval

        Sounds like that's what got you into your current predicament.

        Dude thanks for the ideas

        My pleasure

        and laughing at me…

        Well, it is kinda funny

  • My credit rating isn't the best

    Why is that?

    Have you had any default listings made on your credit file?

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