Xiaomi Mi 9T EU Version - OK for Australia?

Hi everyone. I just saw a deal on Kogan for Xiaomi Mi 9T 6GB Ram 64GB Rom Dual Sim (Redmi K20) - Blue (EU Ver) for $457.99 delivered.

I have had a Redmi Note Pro 3 for a few years and after an upgrade. My current phone is a Global version and worked out of the box - I didn't have to unlock or root anything. Not sure if I would be comfortable doing that in case I stuff something.

So is EU version the same as Global/International? ie: all good to use in Australia and no faffing around with ROM's etc. It will have Google Play and NFC working - I have been reading about this phone for some time and thought I read somewhere that unlocking Google Play would render NFC useless or something?? Or maybe that was another phone.

Thank you so much for any help and advice


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    Xiaomi Mi 9T/9T Pro are supposed to be Global versions of the Redmi K20/K20 Pro. Also they have Band 28, which helps if you're with Telstra and/or Optus (so basically the Oz-Bargain fandom).

    Also Google Pay works with custom ROMs and bootloader unlocking, if you install Magisk and don't fool around with it too much. Just takes a while to get used to it though.

    If you don't care about Band 28, better get the K20 version since it's cheaper and readily available now. Otherwise you're better off with the Mi 9T/9T Pro variants.

    Mi 9T is available on JB Hi-Fi, which means in a couple of weeks they should offer Mi 9T Pro too, so that should guarantee any warranties for people who don't like to buy from sites like GearBest and AliExpress.


    Yeah I have read a lot here about band 28 but unless it does some sorcery that I don't know about I am OK without that because my Redmi Note doesn't have it and my phone has always worked fine and I live at Central QLD coast and am on Aldi mobile. But I really wanted my next phone to have NFC for those times I forget my purse (especially when lined up at the counter).

    But what is confusing me with this listing is that Kogan has the Mi 9T $172 cheaper than the Mi9 (both phones are 64GB). Although the Mi 9's are listed as Global versions so I thought - before I jump on the deal am I buying something I can't use? Yeah JB Hifi have the 128GB for $699 but I don't need 128 really. My current phone is only 32GB with no dramas. It's just a few years old now and some software doesn't work on it and the camera is crap.

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      Mi 9T has a snapdragon 730, mi 9 a snapdragon 855, mi 9 has a better camera. The Mi 9T Pro is more comparable to the Mi 9.

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        Thank you for that frondono - so that's why the mi 9 is dearer - I understand now :)

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          Another point of difference that may be important to you is that the battery in the 9T is 4000mah compared to 3300mah in the 9.

          Really should've been the other way around.

          Ohhhh and our teenage daughter is looking for a new phone and has ruled out the 9T because of the pop up selfie camera.
          Just mentioning it incase it's a chick thing. lol.

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    interesting that this deal is mentioned because I just noticed that JBHifi are now selling Xiaomi and Vivo phones - not sure if this is a good thing or not so good for the Australian Mobile phone market - previously 'dominated' by Iphones and Samsungs for little rich girls LOL

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