Help to read a glasses prescription

Hi, trying to order glasses online, failing to understand the prescription. Instead of a list of values Sphere, Cylinder, Axis there is some sort of fraction style record. Also there are two values for Pupillary Distance. Can anyone decode this?


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    Help to read a glasses prescription

    Put your glasses on…oh wait

    Not that hard:
    -0.50 -0.25 145 Add +1.25 PD68
    0 -0.25 180 Add +1.25 PD65

    Though might need clarification as each eye is obviously different. You'd hate to get them the wrong way around!

    If you see, you have the option to enter 2 different PD's

    • Thanks Spackbace

      << you have the option to enter 2 different PD's

      Yes, but they offer only half-PD values

      Does this mean I have so asymmetrical face?

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        What @Spack has said is incorrect. You only have one PD which is 68. 65 is your near-PD which is used for reading glasses only. Please do not enter both when you unless it asks for a PD and a near PD.

    • But what about if you only have one brown eye ?

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        Then pull your pants back up!

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    Just stop touching yourself and your eyesight will improve.

    Worked for me

  • The PD must be a near/far rather than each eye. I would be a bit worried if your eyes were 65/66mm from the nose…

    Why not ask the optometrist to give you the right details?

    • Thanks twobit,
      I hoped to order tonight. The optometrist will be available only on Monday.

      • Maybe wait till Monday mate, perahps a better chance of a good result.

    • 68 is your PD. 65 is your near PD

      How Do You Calculate Near PD For Reading Glasses?
      You can calculate Near PD for reading glasses by subtracting 3mm from your distance PD. For example, if your distance PD is 63mm, then your near PD is 60mm.


  • Specsavers has any two pairs for $199 right now I think? Go in store, no need to wait for online order to be delivered.

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    Hey mate, OD (Right) Sph: -0.50, Cyl: -0.25, Axis: 145
    OS (LEFT) Sph: 0.00, Cyl: -0.25, Axis 180
    PD: 68
    Only if you want single vision distance glasses i.e. glasses that are
    clear for distance

    Only put the Add in if you want it for a pair of reading glasses.
    Add: +1.25 for both eyes
    PD: 65

    If you're getting a set of multifocals or bifocals, it'd be best to go instore for a measurement.

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      Finally, someone who knows what he's talking about instead of just guessing.

      • The ego takes over, 'I'm right' NO, 'I'M RIGHT'

        Ah the fun:)


        I had no idea (pun not intended) how the whole glasses situation worked, amazing reading!

    • Thank you very much MrMeow

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