Anyone Volunteered in Any Australia Tennis Tournament?

I am considering to apply volunteering in ATP cup Sydney and I wonder anyone have volunteered in any other tournaments? I would like to know about the shifts and most importantly the COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS. Thanks!

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    I have.

    The shifts start time vary on the role, some starts at 7 or 8am and finish around 10pm to midnight depending on the role. You do get given a free ticket, but only 1.

    • Do i get to choose the day of work or i hv to work everyday?
      Thanks mate!

      • You don’t choose but you nominate what days you are available and times you are available.

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      Just out of curiosity, who do people volunteer for 14 hours (like what's the benefit of it)

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        I personally did it because as a Student studying Bachelor of Business and Commerce Majoring in Sports Management at Western Sydney University (formerly University of Western Sydney) I was looking for opportunities to find my future employment by networking with people and did so by volunteering with tennis and other events in hoping of broadening my network and hopefully gain employment, which has now lead me to being employed with Cricket Australia.

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          Go you! :)

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          wow!! Amazing work

          Like me personally if I'm not getting any benefit, wouldn't volunteer (unless it's charity/health care).

          • @barozgain: When I was there, so many reason why people volunteered. Some of the reason where:

            • wanted something on their resume while they were seeking employment
            • some people loved tennis and wanted to be part of the competition and didn’t care about the money
            • not particularly this event but elsewhere they where forced from their bosses to volunteer at charity events as part of their office goals in terms of being committed to a fundraiser
            • university requirements including internships
            • people wanting to advance their career like I did
  • You don't want to volunteer just to get a mate in for free do you?

    Seems a lot of effort 😂

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