Getting Discounts for iPad Pro

I am intending to buy Ipad Pro 3rd generation. Any suggestions on getting some discounts ? I have JB Hifi and Apple store discounts that can fetch 5%. I wanted to find out if there is a way to get 10-15% ? I appreciate any suggestions.


  • Try through StudentEdge or UniDays

    Not sure what the SE discount is but UniDays is 10%.

    • UniDays and SE are only ~5% for iPads. It seems to be a fairly universal 5% discount across the Education pricing (no variation like some of the MBs).

      I've been looking for a little while (I'd ideally prefer to buy from Apple rather than a reseller), but the cheapest I can find the 256GB iPad Pro 11 is $1369.01. Too bad there's not a 128GB model.

      • Ah okay, I wasn't aware of that.

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    See if you can salary package it at work

    • I agree. I am trying that avenue as well.

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    Apple is rumored to show new iPad Pro on September 10th (US time). Rumor is that it's going to be the same deal as with the new iPhone - they will bump the default storage from 64Gb to 128Gb, add RAM and will keep price the same.

    If I were you, I'd wait - you either will get more ipad for the same money or you will be able to buy current gen 3 for the lower price (I'm sure that all major retailers will do some stock clearance for the previous year models).

    • Thanks.. this is a good advice

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        Well, as with all the other rumors, this one was much more exciting than the reality…

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    Could be an updated version with new camera coming early next year. Anyway, I've seen iPad Pros on ebay before for 10% off. I just bought one through Telstra on a plan because I would have signed for their plan anyway, it doesn't have excess data charges.

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