Samsung Galaxy S7 Qi Wireless Charger

Buying this Samsung Galaxy S7 - Gold 32GB – Refurbished As New Condition $255

Need a good deal on a wireless charger compatible with it.

Also taking any other recommendations on wireless charging phones under $255 but this seems like the best one.



    I have an S7, it's kinda long in the tooth now dude, are you sure you wouldn't be better served with an Samsung A30?

    But to answer your question: Any Qi standard charger will work with the S7.


      I know nothing when it comes to qi wireless phones taking any recommendations gladly.

      And honestly this is just for an old friend who only needs the bare basics (phone calls, texts, whatsapp, email) but butchered his last phones charging port and his last three phones screens so yeah taking recommendations on wireless charging strong screen smartphones.


    S7 has a terrible screen. Lasted me about 5 months. Similar to your friend. Get the screen protector ASAP.


      Got one but it feels very thin and flimsy.

      He has already some how cracked the back cover but thank God it is still intact.

      Not even one week and phone is falling apart and he says the battery only lasts 30 mins which does not sound right (battery drain 100% to 0% in 30 mins).

      It was labeled refurbished on ebay so I am not expecting much but wow this phone is fragile.

      Luckily I have a rugged thick case on it now so drops should be very reinforced but yeah the back cover cracked but luckily still one piece.

      Honestly for about $180 AUD for the phone and maybe $30 altogether for the wireless charger and rugged cover and screen protector it was not a bad buy about under $210 AUD delivered all up.

      I could have gotten him a $99 Australia Post / Coles / Woolworths phone though and still be fine but I wanted to get him something nice but I'm thinking it would not have mattered now.


    Wireless chargers are a waste of time. It delivers at 10w. Ignore it, it's a gimmick. Will charge 75% faster with a wired charger


      I know believe me I would never use one but this is an option for a very old man who is basically allergic to anything remotely technological (his last phones charging port is gone like the cable does not stay in and he already cracked the back of the new but refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 I got him not even a week ago thankfully it is covered with a screen protector and super rugged case now but yeah the wireless charging is basically a backup in case he destroys his current phones charging port).

      I have tried to educate him over the years but these kind of people cannot be saved.

      So yeah to recap the wireless charging is not for me but for an old man that keeps destroying his phones charging ports to the point they are not useable anymore.



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