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Optus 4G Wi-Fi Modem E5577 $29 @ Australia Post Shop


Optus 4G Wi-Fi Modem E5577 $29 Auspost.
Usually $59, currently $44 via Optus site.

In-store or online with free delivery.
Includes prepaid SIM.

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    Same price at

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    think current provided e5577fs-932 model has a totally different circuit board that is not recognized by pc hence diy unlockable from what i understand.

  • I have the old E5573 and am wondering whether it is worth upgrading to the E5577?

    Can anyone here tell me the difference/s between E5573 and E5577? Thanks in advance!

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      E5573 is unlocked and this model is locked.

      • Locked to which network? I'm with Optus.

        • They are Optus branded, so you'll be fine if you're already on Optus.

          • @wakie: I know I'll be fine with my Optus sim but my question is should I upgrade to the E5577 from the E5573 and why?

            • @JTTheMan: I don't see a particular reason to upgrade, unless you like a screen. The E5573 has all the latest 4G bands, except the Vodafone ones. Maybe the E5573 will be better on Vodafone, but you'd need to unlock it in that case anyway.

              • @wakie: Thanks I thought it's pretty much just the screen. It's still slightly tempting at this price but I think I'll hold off until the technology really takes another step up.

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                  @JTTheMan: Yeah, I'd wait until the 5G ones are out. I have the E5573 and it's really good quality. It's got a provision for an antenna if you're ever in a remote area and need a reception boost.

      • That's just an unboxing video with no information comparing it to E5573

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      I have recently gone back to the E5573. The E5577,will drop the internet when downloading large files after 20 minutes.Even watching Netflix is touchy. E5577 download speed is about 1-4 Mbps E5573 5-12Mbps. I live rural with Optus 25 ks from the tower.(no external aerial)
      Only problem with both modems they can't handle hot days, I take the back cover off on both.

  • Is this sim locked

    Thank you

    • yes it is.

    • I got an Optus branded E5577Fs-932 from Coles about a month ago and it was sim locked. I ran the IMEI through their online check and it sad it was unlocked so I rang them and told them that I bought it second hand after running the IMEI through their site. A week later they sent me the unlock code for free.

      • could you pls share the url for their online check? I could only find the url for sending them a request to unlock device, not the place to check whether device was locked or unlocked.

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          That's the one and it came back something like "this device is unlocked"

          • @craigoss: hmmm…mine came back "No immediate unlock code can be found for this mobile device. An Optus representative will contact you within the next 5 business days with details on how to unlock this mobile device." bummer

  • So how do you unlock this thing can you buy a code or do you just have to hope optus does it when you contact them?

    • Can confirm, can be used with catch with no unlock :)

      • Also confirming amaysim works. I assume all MVNOs using the Optus network will work. Bought this device, also Optus branded, a few months ago from a woolies sale.

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