Should I Get Frequent Flyer Points?

I’ve never really been bothered with frequent flyer points (I fly just a couple of times a year at most), but I do have a QFF account (only 35k points though). However, I’m planning on travelling around the world next year with plenty of flights to come, and now I’m wondering whether it’s worthwhile getting into the business of collecting frequent flyer points.

Any suggestions with where to start? Should I keep pursuing QFF or perhaps Velocity points? Should I try to collect points to get flights or get upgrades? Is there a way to get lounge access too? Any help for a beginner would be appreciated.

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    I would 100% recommend it. It's not hard but requires consistent churning of Credit Cards for bonus points etc to fast track your accumulation.

    I collect both QF and VA, with a priority over VA.
    Only because I love Singapore Airlines.

    Really comes down to your preference with Business/First Class Airlines Products and destinations.

    Once you know, it's easier to aim for your goal :)


    You will gain lounge access when you fly Business / First Class anyway.

    Unless you want lounge access when you fly Economy, you'll need to attain status with VA/QFF etc.
    VA is generally easier to attain status, I recently attained Gold status with just a return flight to Hong Kong with my partner. Too easy.

    Or you can purchase annual lounge passes from VA/QFF too.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a Priority Pass that provides you with lounge access worldwide.

    Another option would be to get lounge passes from selected Credit Cards too.

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    Plenty of info on this out there, including extensive guides on these subjects.
    I collect points and use them for redemptions, however I don’t think it’s smart to alter your spending habits or have a specific airline or supermarket loyalty because of the points earned. Unless someone else is paying.


    but I do have a QFF account (only 35k points though)

    So two PS4 controllers, for free.


    Are you a frequent flyer?

    Yes: Yes
    No: No


    Thanks for all the advice!

    I’m not sure whether I should focus on accruing Qantas points (best used just for domestic upgrades?) or Amex membership rewards (flexible).

    For a focus on Qantas points, I might get the Qantas American Express Ultimate now for the 100k bonus and keep it for everyday spending (and its other benefits). Then I would churn cards that offer Qantas FF bonuses (e.g. Citi Signature Qantas Credit Card for 100k).

    Alternatively, I could get the Qantas American Express Ultimate for the 100k bonus now. I’d then get the American Express Explorer next time there’s a big bonus and keep it for everyday spending, and churn the Qantas American Express Ultimate. I would then keep churning American Express cards (and other Qantas points cards in between). This way I’d have both Qantas FF points and Amex MRs.



      You can only get bonus Amex points after having no Amex (except bank issued or DJ) card for 18 months. Sadly the good days have long gone with Amex.


    Best to spend some time reading the link that Stewardo posted.

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