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Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD - Sony (E-Mount) $1039.15 + Delivery @ Camerahouse eBay


I scored myself this amazing lens for $1039.15+ 10 shipping. If anyone intended to go oversea GST is $119, so with TRS you can get this lens for ~$920.

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    Wasn't able to snag a Sony A7 III so will have to give this one a miss T_T

    • same story, waiting for a deal for Sony A7RIII

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    gosh darn that is actually a bloody great price for a very well reviewed lens - but i already have the 16-35 f4 FE. Ah well. Hope Tamron can do an upper focal range (circa 70-200) for similar dosh next year!

    • I also already have the 16-35 F4. When traveling, I also carry the 85mm 1.8 to cover longer ranges. Does it make sense to get the Tamron in this case?

      • +1

        Imo no. Its not like that tamron is super light…

    • I'm also holding for the tamron equivalent of 70-200

      • Me too.
        Or the sigma one (which seems even less likely at the moment)

  • What is the normal selling price?

    • $1,349, I believe

      • I bought it for 1149 before few months from CameraHouse

  • I am considering this or the 16-35mm Sony FE. Can’t decide. I like the ultra-wide aspect but not sure if 35mm is going go be any good. Travelling overseas for a couple of weeks on tours.

    • f4 or f2.8?

      • I am looking at a Sony 16-35mm f4 ($1,424 price match) split payment at Sony Kiosk for some cash back. The price should come out cheaper than this too… but unsure if ill need to zoom further. Plan on only carrying one lens on the trip and just picked up the camera so don’t want to buy/carry two lenses.

        • F4 for landscape is wide and fast enough. If shooting indoor Tammy 2875 is better actually tammy 1728 is alternative for 1635

    • 16-35 was a blast.

      I have the older 24-70 Tamron v2 for Nikon. You really do miss the wider angles for landscapes.

    • I have the FE16-36/f4. 16mm is much more useful than the f2.8 on this Tamron when you are travelling. I reckon you should get the FE16-35/F4 + 35/1.4 or 50/F1.4 for indoor shooting or bokeh. (either Sony Zeiss, Sigma or Samyung)

      • Thanks for that.

        I think the 16-35mm f4 will be better as it will give a nicer photo which is ultra wide rather than a more expected focal length. I might later consider a 24mm f1.4 GM, 55mm f1.8 as its much cheaper than 50mm f1.4, then for portraits an 85mm f1.8.

      • I'd go the 15-30 VC 2.8. Add a metabones speedbooster to bring it down to f2 in crop. Beautiful lens. Crazy large objective lens.

        • Note that adding a speed booster would change your focal length, it would not be 15-30 any more (reduced by the same factor). Good if you want a wide angle effect, not so if you want close up/portrait photos.

  • Any deals on 16-35mm F4?

    • Not that I am aware of. Was just going to use Amex Sony cash back and a price match.

  • if you buy from camera house is the warranty by tamron or by camerahouse, have heard horror stories dealing with them.

    • From there website:

      1. Warranty Claims

      7.1 Please contact the manufacturer for ALL warranty claims.

      7.2 Warranty is valid within Australia only, however please contact the manufacturer in regards to international warranty.

      7.3 For assistance with a warranty claim, please contact our customer service team via email.

  • Bought this recently for about the same price. It's a awesome lens.

  • Yeap bought this last week for $1200 from the same store. Do you think they will match this price and get the $$ difference? Within 14 days.

    Loving it so far! Will really test it out in Vietnam and see how it goes.

    • Well i'm sure in your case, perhap you can ask them as you said. Or check their refund policy, refund and get a new one if they allowed. But I would said, it might be too much hassle for the saving.

  • this is really tempting. I'm planning to get the Sony 85mm f/1.8 but this is such a good deal it could sway me otherwise.

    • Well It really depend on your reference. I had the 55f18 in the past. it was the perfert lens for portrait and there is nothing to complaint about.
      However it was too restrictive to me in term on focus distant in some place such as event, outdoor or indoor with kids. That why I decided to move on to this tamron lens and sell the 55f18.
      I dont have the experience with the 85f18, but I believed the sony's built once is the perfect in term on boker and quality. With the tamron, i think you will lose a bit of quality but gain a lot of flexibility.

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