This was posted 4 years 10 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Roasted & Salted Cashews 1kg - $16.99 @ ALDI


Roasted & Salted Cashews 1kg. A good deal at this price.

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    1kg pistachios also the same price.

  • Do they do any raw cashews cheap at Aldi?

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      I believe raw unsalted cashews are available in packs of 250mg for $3.99
      thats under $16 per kilo

      • Wow that is actually a pretty good price! Was just at Coles and I swear the ones in the fruit section that you bag yourself were $28 per kilo. Looks like I am going to have to make a trip to Also soon. Do you know if that is the standard price or they are on special?

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    This is the normal price

    • Yep and rarely if ever are they on special.

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      This is the normal price

      I thought as much until I checked the pack I had at home

      currently the 750gm pack sells for $16.99 (or $22.65 a kilo),

      so in effect the deal is for the same price you get an extra 250gm or for a kilogram you save $5.66

      interestingly on the pack it says packed in Australia with < 10% Australian ingredients, so our contribution must be the salt and the oil

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    Just wish they did roasted UN-salted for the same price…..I hate having to lick off all the salt first

    • Use a sieve.

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    At least if you lick the salt off yourself your friends and family know it was done with your clean mouth - unlike store bought unsalted where you have no idea who or what licked the salt off them

  • How come most of cashews in our supermarkets are from Vietnam? No locally grown cashews?

  • last time I got nuts from Aldi, they had a aftersmell of plasticine.

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      What's an "aftersmell" exactly cdu? After they've been passed through the intestine?

      • When you finished that nut, and you wonder why on earth you can taste plasticine
        you are referring to "Afterdigestionsmell" or shorter "Aftburner" not only referring to the smell, but also to the sensation of "burn"
        Yes got that too with the nuts form Aldi.

  • Forresters nuts have a weird taste, IMHO, and seem to upset my digestion. (Maybe it's the plastic cameldownunder is talking about…) YMMV, but if you've never had them, be warned that you might find them not worth eating.

    I'm much happier with Harris Farm or Nobby's.

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