Kayo Sports for an NBA Fan

I've been wanting to subscribe to Kayo sports for my sporting needs such as NBA and Tennis with some racing. Is it worth to go Kayo instead of NBA League pass? or are the games very limited? Would love to hear from those who used it for last year.


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  • I think only ESPN games are aired, I might be wrong.

    Sign up to the NBA league pass via Argentina (VPN) should be around $100aud for the entire season with playoffs etc.

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      Yep i did the same LP for last year. I think I might keep it.

      • just wait until closer to the start of the season. All the VPN prices would come out by then and then pick which one suits you best

        • Yeah I have my previous league pass to automatically renew (argentina vpn)… just weighing my options at the moment.

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    I'm not a massive fan, but I enjoy the basketball occasionally, I believe that Games are fairly limited.
    If you're just a general basketball fan wanting to watch some NBA it's probably fine.
    If you want to follow the progress of a certain team/s then you'll be disappointed.

    • Ah… yeah NBA is my main so I think I'll keep using LP. Thanks!

  • Only ESPN games are aired for NBA
    Tennis they show majority of the WTA on BEIn channels of KAYO
    ATP games only finals of 500 and main draw of 1000 and the grand slams thats not blocked by Channel 7
    Racing I don’t watch. But from memory all F1 etc

    • Thank you! This is what I was looking for… I've had a look before and thought maybe Kayo isn't bad but as an NBA nerd needed to know if the games are from one provider only. Appreciate it!

  • No, it doesn't compare. ESPN didn't even have all the finals last season. Sign up for the 3-month kayo trial through easy bet or whatever it is. Has been great for the FIBA world cup. I may yet commit on top of league pass.

    • Ah that is true… Finals is abc exclusive. I definitely would have a go at the trial. Sadly I still have Foxtel but thinking of getting rid of it and replace it with Kayo.

    • You mean Playoffs and not Finals, right?

      ESPN on Foxtel show all games from the Conference Finals and NBA Finals, so I assume they are on Kayo too.

      • You know what I think you maybe right… I do remember seeing it on Foxtel hmm.

      • They didn't have every playoff series. Sorry, not finals. My mate did the same and said he would disconnect Foxtel and go with Kayo and they offered him everything except movies for $49 a month including HD and a new IQ4. Roll the dice.

  • https://help.kayosports.com.au/s/article/What-content-is-ava...

    "Average of 7 games Live per week during the Regular Season, selected Postseason coverage, plus every game of the Eastern & Western Conference Finals Live, and every game of the NBA Finals Live"

    • That's like 1 game a day for regular season… yeah don't think that's for me. Thank you!