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[Kindle] Free - Be A Prepper - 4 eBook Set @ Amazon AU/US


Amazon US link

The 4 book set includes:
Volume 1 - Be a Prepper: A Beginner's Guide to surviving Disasters and Other Emergencies
Volume 2 - Be a Prepper - Hunkering Down: a Means of Survival
Volume 3 - Be a Prepper - The survuival Pantry: How to Organize and Preserve Your ood and Water Supply
Volume 4 - Be a Prepper - How to Organize, Prepare and Use a Bugout Bag

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    Great, we better all prep for Global War………. ming.

    • +2

      I'm ready. I have all my split systems on full blast with my windows open. Together, we'll cool this sucker down.

      • Don't forget to leave your fridge and freezer doors open too. Every little bit helps.

        • Phew. Thanks. I accidentally shut the fridge door. I love it when the fridge beeps as a reminder that I'm making the world a cooler place.

  • +14

    Volume 1 - Stocking up on Eneloops
    Volume 2 - Stocking up on Samsung EVO micro USB cards
    Volume 3 - Stocking up on Quilton toilet paper

    The OzBargain edition.

  • +7

    Lesson 1. Print these out.

  • Thanks, don't think I'll read it but got it just in case..

  • +3

    Preserve Your ood

    Also covered in this addition: Preparing for when nobody gives an F ;)

    • +3

      I think Doctor Who may be impressed that you want to save your Ood.

    • Out Of Date :p

  • +2

    Volume 5: Don't waste valuable prepping time using a spelling checker.

  • +2

    I wonder if anyone on OZB is a serious prepper?

    • Also interested, and interested in advice about other books or resources to read to get started

    • I'm semi serious. Short of a few Powerwall 2, I'm off grid and have my own food supply.

      • +1

        So you have a few eneloops and a veggie patch?

        • And cows. And chickens. And rabbits. Bloody rabbits.

  • +1

    aussieprepper, what say you!

  • Step 1 - have a means to defend your preparation.

  • Just sit on a porch polishing and licking hunting knives and it'll happen.

    You haven't arrived as a prepper until you get interviewed by Louis Theroux.

    • Up there, in the trees…

  • Says price is $5.49?

    • Expired mate.

      • I still obtained it for free. Maybe it's back up?

  • +3

    Remember to charge your kindle BEFORE the apocalypse.

  • For those that have your kindle/reader under Amazon US, don't click to change it to AU as prompted.

    Search for the exact title name under US, and it still comes up free. Amazon AU is for suckers.

    At time of this post still active on US Amazon, not expired.

  • +1

    AU free again

  • Can't remember my amazon password…Meh, I'll just wing it when the time comes.

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