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Free Trial of Lumin Classic Maintenance (Moisturizing Balm, Exfoliating Rub & Charcoal Cleanser) - $0 + $12 Delivery @ Lumin


$65 worth of Quality Skin Care Products (Lumin) for FREE! (Well almost, shipping is $12)

First time ever posting on here so please be nice :)
Happy to take down etc, I've been taking advantage of Ozbargain for years now so it's time to give back :)

There are lots of skin care "bargains" out there but none with this large amount of products vs such low shipping.
Obviously a lot offer free stuff with shipping high enough to make a cut. I don't think this is the case here!

Enjoy! Hope you like.

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US $10 credit to referrer for every referee that starts a US $5 trial.

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    I'd like to submit my referral link for this, does anyone know how if the store isn't listed under profile>edit>referrals?

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    I think your referral link is within the link.. Because when I click the link it mentions the referral discount has already been applied to the cart.

    Also, this is only for men, correct?


      Oh ok thanks for letting me know! lol bit of a newb. Yeah they market to men but I see no reason why women couldn't also get it :)


        It's likely a mod will remove your referral link though.

        Have you purchased this already and received it and cancelled no problems? Is it $5aud?i noticed it's international.


          Yeah it was $5.80 and it’s been shipped. I can see I haven’t been set up on a subscription as well. I don’t know why the link says 2 months subscription 🤷🏻‍♂️


      Men buy womens skin care products all the time! *Not me of course because I'm too manly for that.

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    beware and double check reviews before going ahead


    looks like they charge extras on top without you knowing.

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    I know this is your first post but take a look on reviews first

    Men Skin is now Lumin

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    Another come and go Asian shonky brand/product that's targeting trendies?

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    Subscription based…no thx


      +1 on that. There seems to be a spate of subscription services for tights, socks, jocks, pet food etc. Not sure who would buy using that model.


    What is the size of the products? If these are tiny samples then $12 is way too much and no deal.


    These products aren’t even worth the $12 shipping lol

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    I paid $5.80 for shipping. Why / how did it get changed to $12? Was that a moderator? I don’t understand. It also shows as $5.80 on the link.
    Also I’ll ask them why mine doesn’t set me up ok a subscription. I can see the link says something about 2 months. But could you just cancel after you can see it’s been shipped?! Why do people bother posting deals on here?

    • Hi,

      Shipping appears to be US $8 (~AU $12) without a referral code.

      With a referral code shipping appears to be US $3 (~AU $4.40).

      Our policy on Affiliate & Referral Links

      Referral links & codes are prohibited almost everywhere on OzBargain; this includes all deal, forum and classified posts and comments. Referral links & codes can however be added to our automated referral system from My Account - Edit - Referrals. Do not solicit referrals by any means in your posts (eg asking users to PM you, drawing attention to the referral system or linking to your own deal posts if you are in the OzBargain referral system for that merchant). Affiliate links are prohibited on OzBargain.


        Can you remove this deal please. It's no longer a bargain with the $12 shipping without my referral code. Also, I no longer want to be associated with it. I was only trying to give back.


        I've seen people give referrals out in a small grey box under the description before. How do you do that?

        • I've added Lumin to the automated referral system (small grey box under the description).

          You can add your referral code through: My Account -> Edit -> Referrals.


            @RichardL: Thank you.
            Can you update the shipping from your $12 to $4.40 please? Or make it clearer with the referral it's $4.40 etc. Please. Thank you.
            Also I wouldn't call it a trial, it's just free skin care products. My subscription wasn't ongoing, therefore not really being a subscription it's just the way their system works.


            @RichardL: Also it's $4.40 AUD


      US to AUD pricing + make sure you cancel the subscriptions that you've been automatically signed up to.

      Off their website: Cancel before trial ends or continue with products you like the most!

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