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FREE VPN Seed4.me [for PC, Mac, Android, & iOS] 1 Year Plan (Was $40) @ Seed4.me


This deal is back, direct through the provider not SharewareOnSale.

Enter Promo Code BF2019 to receive 1 year free subscription

VPN Ranks Review confirms it works with Netflix.

Surf the web anonymously, mask your location, making the geo-IP address different from the real one, so no one can trace you. Seed4.Me VPN for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone and iPad also unblocks sites that are normally restricted in the area of your current location.

In case of any problems or questions contact support@seed4.me

Seed4.Me VPN is a simple app that helps you to:
– Unblock websites
– Surf anonymously online
– Protect traffic from hackers and provider
– Hide real IP

– Works on Windows, MAC, iOS, Android
– 20+ VPN locations
– 1 account for all devices
– Free, friendly and problem-solving customer support (English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French, Chinese)

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          I'd prefer the higher uploads you got than the higher downloads I got, I don't think 30 or 40 down makes a lot of difference tbh


          I didn't think to turn off the IPTV stream I was watching when I ran the speedtest.

          With no other downloads, I got pretty much the same downloads, but my uploads increased to 1.4-19 (still not great, but I hope that will change when I connect to NBN and get 40 upload speed instead of the 5 I get now).


    The deal I've been waiting for, you're a legend, thanks !!!


    this seems dodgy this app when i installed it jsut froze my entire pc and disabled all networking
    but my cpu running at 100% pc unusable had to revert to save point


      First thing that comes to mind is that either it's some type of incompatibility with your PC (because other ozbargainers are able to use it) or that some versions of this software may be trying to use the host PC to mine cryptocurrency - if it's not limited by the software itself, it can easily use up to 100% of a PC's resources.

      If it is a cryptominer then this is probably not the developer's desired outcome, the aim would be to use just enough computer resources, so as to not alert the owner that cryptocurrency mining is taking place on their PC.


        I also had similar issues as mp3police where it installed, was able to use Netflix then went to use pc next day and it wouldn’t connect, had the VPN globe with a not connected line thru it where wifi normally is. Have tried to uninstall and not able to use any wifi even with restore point it keeps reverting back to the VPN globe continually, any ideas how to bypass this and just fully remove it please?

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          If there was tampering with restore points, such as deleting, locking, or reduction in size of disc space reserved for it, etc then it's almost certain that whichever program did it, is malware.

          If you can use restore points normally, but the VPN connection itself is not removed using a restore point just before it was installed, then it's possible it's just a bug somewhere in program design.

          In which case you can remove the VPN connection by going to "Network and Sharing Centre" (on Win7) or it's equivalent in Win10 (I'm not sure what it's called on Win10) then go to "Change Adapter Settings" and delete the VPN connection(s).

          After deleting the VPN connection(s), if you still can't use the WiFi try going to "Control Panel" then "System" then click "Device Manager" then "Network Adapters" and remove any VPN adapters.

          If there are none, restart your PC and right click "Network Adapters" (using the same path that you used to get there before) and click "Scan For Hardware Changes" (in case an emulated hardware connection was made during installation) and restart the PC.

          There are a number of different ways to restore the PC to a functioning PC, but I've been up all night and I can't possibly describe them all, but you could try this program http://www.advanceduninstaller.com/Seed4_Me-VPN-1_0_5-5abb5a... to remove the files (the information there applies only to 1.0.5 version of seed4me).

          Here is a guide how the uninstaller works https://www.lifewire.com/advanced-uninstaller-pro-review-262... it monitors the installation process, and can then delete those files/settings by reversing the order.

          If you decide to use the uninstaller program, then it's best if you try to install the VPN again (but it may not catch every change if, for example, during the second VPN installation existing files are not overwritten).

          After installing the VPN restart the PC and use the uninstaller (Advanced Uninstaller Pro) and hope it removes the VPN completely (follow the guide to manually delete some files if need be).

          That's all I can manage for today, and hopefully you can remove the pesky files/registry entries/etc using the uninstaller, or the first method by removing any left over VPN network adapters.

          It's possible this will remove the VPN but your WiFi may not work anyway, possibly because you might need to "rebuild" the default connections.

          I can't think of where to find a guide on how to do that atm, but I can have a look some other day if you're still having problems.

          Ps. I always forget to use Google keyboard for voice to text smh, I could have "written" this text in a minute, oh well.

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            @BooYa: Thank you so much for the comprehensive info, it has helped! It seems like it must of been a software issue for me as I have followed your advice and I have wifi now. Just not sure whether I want to attempt an install again if the same happens, but am keen to use with US netflix.

            Yes thats true, I sometimes find the voice to text changes words and it doesnt quite come out right.. Thank you again all the same!


              @Jase1: Omg I just lost several paragraphs by accidentally pressing a button on my phone, so I'll keep this short.

              I'm glad it worked.

              I would suggest you have a system backup a habit, by backing up regularly, and not just files but the complete disc image (Seagate and WD have disc copying software to use with their drives).

              Either way, a regular system backup is a good habit, because it's only a matter of when, not if, the system fails.

              As for trying to use the same software, I doubt you'd get a different outcome, than you did the first time (but maybe you'd be able to fix the issue, knowing where to look).

              I can't see a reason not to try installing it again, provided you have a reliable backup (and check that it works).

              But for watching Netflix US, I think you need a paid VPN (international bandwidth is expensive) especially considering the fact that you'll be downloading a lot of data, and you want the connection to be reliable instead of buffering all the time.

              Any issues, just send me a message, and I'll help out if I can.

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                @BooYa: Dont you hate that losing paragraphs grrr.

                Yep that sounds like a plan to do the regular backups. I will need to research and get a new drive to do these to help out in future if needed!

                True - good point, its not a necessity to have Netflix, was nice to so happy to wait until afterwards.

                Thank you again!

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    A lot of people use a VPN to access US Netflix.

    But did you know that you can watch movies in ALL Netflix regions.

    You just have to start playing the video, then change the audio track to English.

    Virtually all Netflix content has English audio, which means you can double or triple your Netflix library.

    Here is a handy website where you can search for a movie, and see in which regions it's currently available:


    So, for example, if you search for Star Wars you'll see all the regions that have it.

    And there is a link to the results, so you can click on a particular movie, and the link will take you to that region or open Netflix in that region, (depending on what whether or not you have the Netflix app installed).

    Just remember to connect your VPN to the same country to which the website result is linked (restarting all apps and turning off mobile data at this point may be a good idea).

    This is also very helpful if you watched part one but part two may not be available, but it may be available in another region.

    Or, if Netflix is showing part 2 of a series and you want to watch part one first which is not available in this region, chances are it will be available in another region.

    Ps. There are a few websites like this, so you may want to choose one that you prefer.

    I remember a website (I think it was actually this one) which showed all the Netflix regions, but also other streaming sites such as Amazon Video/Prime, iTunes, Google Movies, Hulu, etc.

    But I can't see that now, perhaps they removed it, or it was a different site, or I just haven't looked properly.

    Pps. Here is a site which searches more than 40 streaming sites, including Netflix, with a direct link to the movie https://www.justwatch.com/us

    But it's a US site, so while it searches many streaming services, it probably doesn't search all regions (and for some reason it opens but then hides my Netflix app when I click a link, but it works with other services, could be a bug).

    Like I said, it's just one of many ways to search and I posted it as an example.


    This is not really free. Its ad supported. Its injecting stupid ads in webpages that aren't https.

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    Signed up and got the free year. Worked on Netflix too. Would recommend.


    Doesn’t work with Netflix

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