Take 2min Survey & $0.50 Gets Donated to The Salvos


Would be nice to post as a deal but I know it's not a valid one. Would be a nice thing to do if you spared 2mins by completing the survey and they'll donate $0.50 to the Salvation Army

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    Done, thanks for the heads up!

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    I wish I could do a survey to take 50 cents from the Salvos. They tried real hard to stop me from having the right to marry, they had their people knock on my door to try and sell me on the merits of voting against my own right to marry. Surreal.

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      I was down for the survey until they wanted my personal details and phone number and to agree to get marketing material from the Salvos. They do great work but I get enough stuff from the Spamnation Army in general without adding another player to the mix. :)

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      Wait so they knocked at your door, you let them know that you're one of the people they wanted to prevent being able to marry, and they persisted with trying to convince you?

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      Do you wish to take money away from evey organisation that holds different views to you?
      The Salvos religious arm is dedicated to a viewpoint I do not agree with, but I recognise that they do an enormous amount of good in the charitable sector.
      I will not donate to them, but I do not wish them ill.


        The religious arm wants to kill gays if they could with the rhetoric they had been sprouting globally. I'd say they had gone a step further than "having a different viewpoint I disagree with".

        Did you hear that gays should be put to death as stated by a media relations of Salvation Army in Africa? Oh wait, I meant Australia.


          Wow - a statement of doctrine made seven years ago which the Salvos desperately tried to walk back at the time? And not even a statement that they should be put to death - but a quote from the Bible declaring they 'deserve' death
          Talk about holding a grudge. The Salvos do not discriminate and I seriously doubt a single Salvo has ever been mean to a gay person.
          Forgiveness is good for the soul orangetrain. It might be time.


        "Do you wish to take money away from evey organisation that holds different views to you is actively evil, harmful and ignorant?"

        Yes. Yes I do. Religion is inherently evil, has caused more human suffering than anything else in our civilised history and needs to be stripped of every benefit and protection it has. I'm sure the Third Reich did plenty of good too, I guess we should have left them alone so as to not interrupt that side of their operations?

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          Another Godwin's Law loser.
          Yep - a belief system that teaches love and forgiveness is definitely inherently evil.
          Where do you think our world would be today without religion? The religious are substantially more charitable than the non-religious, and religion tends to help you live longer. You might be missing some things in your calculations Charly.


        Not all organisations, just the ones that want to deny me my basic rights and dignity.

        And there is no religious arm of the Savlos. The whole organisation from top to bottom is a church.

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    Anyone have a % they provide to the needy besides feeding normally those high up in the organization .

    Probably a good guide .


    The Salvos can p*** off, we need to cut the cancer and evil of religious institution out of this country. I refuse to support evil.


      Hear hear. The Salvos are an evil, bigoted organisation masquerading as a charity.

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        Yeah - how dare those bastards go around housing and clothing and feeding the poor.
        They are the absolute worst!


    I would rather $0.50 to spend at the salvos. I like their stores.