expired Baseus Car CD Slot Gravity Car Phone Holder AU $9.35 (Was AU $22.35) Delivered @ eSkybird


Gravity Traction and Automatic Loosening;360 Adjustment of Viewing.

Don't forget to apply code OZHC042 at checkout.

If you want a Air Vent Version, you can have a view at another deal below:

Baseus Air Vent Mount Metal Gravity Car Mobile Phone Holder $9.95 with same code OZHIA043

CD Slot Phone Holder Version Details as follow:

Compatible Brand: Universal

Charger: No

Has Speaker: No

Brand Name: BASEUS

Magnetic: No

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Fix Position: for CD Slot in Car

Install Way: Clamp/ Clip Type

Material: Aluminium Alloy+ABS+Silicone Pad

Size: 11.5cmx10cmx9.5cm

Suitable: for 4.0-6.0 inch Phones

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  • +1 vote

    stupid question.. but does this mean you can't use the CD player in the car?

    • +2 votes

      hi supasaiyan, this CD Slot version needs to occupy your CD player when using. if you use CD player often, i suggest you consider the Air Vent version.

    • +1 vote

      You can (supposedly) still use it…
      You need to remove the holder to insert a CD, but once inserted, you are supposed to be able to replace the holder and it will not interfere with the disc.

      I have one of these but I've never actually tried to play a CD to confirm.
      (I just use BT audio)


        yeah i normally use USB drive, but there's one CD that my kid listens to and often they get cd's from the library


        i ordered from last post when it arrives i will give it a try (play cd)..

        edit: andd…. it arrives just now haha…
        ordered 28Aug2019, arrives 11/09/2019. not bad. packaging is good. i like this shop.
        tracking work perfectly using https://t.17track.net/

        yes you need to take the holder when inserting or taking out cd, but once the cd in, you can put back this holder and play the cd as per normal.


    You can still use the cd player. Just note the Mazda 3 that we have the slot is a bit bigger and recessed. 95% of the time its in pretty solid but there was once where it had worked itself loose and fell out as only about 2cm goes into the cd slot.

  • +1 vote

    Note that the advertised "omnidirectional" capability is complete bollocks!
    It works great in Portrait mode, but in landscape, the jaws creep open over the bumps and undulations of a normal drive as there is no downward pressure to tighten them.

    It's a nifty mechanism, but they overstate its capabilities.


    and if you have mobile that wider than mi max 3, it will be a very tight fit. i need to remove my case from mi max 3 to be able to use this.


    I started using mine today and I like it, much better than punishing my old vents.

    Not that I mount my phone often anyway.


      Yeah mine arrived the other day, CD Vent version from a previous deal. Works great, preferred over the air vent holders as this has better leverage and not able to do any damage.

      I've gotta say the packaging could have kept the finest porcelain safe, man it took 5 minutes just getting it open. Lots of care was taken, well done guys!


    Thanks for the review guys, bought.


    I got this from the previous deal. It is convenient and quick to use. Delivery is decent.

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