Solar Quote - Advice Needed

Just seeing if there are any solar gurus on Ozbargain who can have a look at a solar quote and offer some advice (have posted to Whirlpool also).

Got 3 quote for a system 6.6Kw system

17 x 380W Jinko Mono PERC Crystalline High End Commercial (tier 1) 72 cell Grade A panels = 6.46Kw PV Capacity
Inverter – Sungrow 5kW Gen2 Single Phase two string inverter 10 yr manufacturer warranty

Price – $3850 inc GST after STC rebates


22 x Jinko JKM300M MONO PERC = 6.6Kw Capacity
Inverter – Sungrow 5kW inverter (5 yr plus 5 yr warranty)

Price – $3400 inc GST after STC rebates


22 x Jinko JKM300M MONO PERC = 6.6Kw Capacity
Inverter – Fronius 5kW inverter
Price – $4500 inc GST after STC rebates

All quotes from CEC accredited installers in WA.
Any advice in the systems quoted?
Is it worth spending an extra $1k for the Fronius inverter?

I see some companies with low ball prices advertising but would prefer to purchase from an established local business, if the price is competitive.
Eg. Suntera have a 6.6Kw system fully installed for $2,699

Thanks in advance for any advice, I want to go solar but so many options I’m not sure what to choose.



    Might be worth looking at this site for some info.

    • Cheers mate
      Yeah actually went through this site to get the 3 quotes.
      A lot of good info there and all the brands quoted are on the list that he recommends.
      I prefer the quote with the less panels but not convinced it's better than the other options.
      and should i consider the low ball systems…

      • We are going through a similar process but we don’t have a massive amount of north facing roof space so we are looking for something very efficient, we also have some partial shading at certain times of the day. Our quotes are between $6k and $11k for a 4.5k to 5.5k systems, after rebates (ouch). We are looking at either LG or Sunpower panels. They have a 25 year warranty and higher efficiency. A lot of it depends on if you are likely to get shade on your panels and, if so, the effect that partial shade has on the whole grid. We get partial shade so the guys we’ve talked to said avoid a single string inverter.

        The guy from Solar Quotes was happy to answer some questions from us, it might be worth asking him directly what he thinks.

        • Good call, i just sent him of an email.

          • @Numpty21: Will be interested what your reply is. Best of luck.

          • @Numpty21: Did you get a reply?

            • @try2bhelpful: i got an email last night, not hugely helpful, basically jest references their page and gave some generic advice. I've summarised it below;

              Sungrow is an good budget inverter and is on Finn's recommended inverter list and no matter what inverter you get it is the most likely component to fail. Our advice is to get the longest inverter warranty you can (at least 10 years). So even if you are on a limited budget, Finn recommends considering a premium-end inverter.

              Jinko are good budget Tier 1, The Jinko PERC 380W may is not on our site as yet.

  • i have this quote:
    2.52kw solar, with 8x315w risen monosolar panels (12 years warranty), with 2.5kw sungrow inverter (10 years warranty).
    with installation and after STC rebate: $ 2,518
    in NSW.

    • Interesting price, seems to be more expensive in NSW compared to WA.
      Sungrow inverters seem to be quite popular now but how reliable are they i wonder?

  • I see some companies with low ball prices advertising but would prefer to purchase from an established local business, if the price is competitive.
    Eg. Suntera have a 6.6Kw system fully installed for $2,699

    so suntera is not good? sounds better than my quote

    edit: wow the reviews are shocking. ok stay away

    • Not saying Suntera is a bad company but with a price this low there may be a catch? or maybe not..

      edit. haven't seen the reviews, but thanks for the tip, i'll check them out.

      • google reviews are horrible … in saying that, I might give them a shot :)

        I like to live on the risky side, that and the installation would be on a shed roof with the inverter in a garage that's adjoining the house, so even if they damage stuff, i don't really care (all built in the 70's so antiquated) … sounds like a plan …

        • yeah i got a price from them and they are considerably cheaper than the other quotes.
          They are a Clean Energy Approved Retailer, so perhaps worth a punt…

          • @Numpty21:

            Clean Energy Approved Retailer

            this means practically nothing with regards to quality/service/warranty

            plenty of pheonix'd companies were on the 'approved retailer'

            • @SBOB: is there a difference between 'approved retailer' and 'member'?
              Most seem to be members but not "approved members".
              the more i look into solar to more confuse i get.

              • @Numpty21: not sure, but they essentially just work for their members and dont do anything to try and curb bad installers

                i'd stick to
                - installers well reviewed on solarquotes
                - installers well reviewed on places like solar Q&A on facebook

                putting bargain basement gear on your roof is just asking for future headaches
                I pulled down a broken 6 year old system from my place i bought as the inverter died and put in a decent fronius/lg setup.
                ROI is clearly slightly longer than the cheap stuff, but I wasnt looking to 'break even'. Over the life of the system it should outperform the cheaper gear (and i chose a decent installer as theres some very dodgy looking installs out there)

  • You'll probably get more advice by posting at whirlpool

  • My mates a gun, also sells them but is happy for advice if you want just pm me, he's been doing it 10 years but sells from 2k systems to 500k plus. Happy to give you his number if you want he know his shit.

    • In nsw?

      • He does all states. They use near maps to set out plans before sending someone on-site to check.

        • I am interested.

          I need a residential quote for a large house.

          We were looking at a similar 6.6kw install for about 3 to 4k from Eurosolar but stopped after deposit when we found further research revealed they were a phoenix so didn't want to go any further.

          Only lost our deposit because we left it too long to get it back (got busy with other stuff).

          So back to the drawing board for us again.

          We are in Katoomba NSW and our last winter bill for electricity was about $800 so we wanna definitely look into solar.

          Send me a PM if you want to talk further and exchange details of your mate.

    • 10,000 pound loan for Solar panels in the UK, I’m not surprised he isn’t getting back the returns he thought he would. I would be quietly confident that a $4k investment for Solar panels in WA should have a pretty good return However, the future is always a tad murky.

    • England doesn't get any sun, why would they install solar, may as well do it in Melbourne :)

      • Funnily enough Melbourne gets similar to Brisbane :). We are in inner city Melbourne so we have to go for maximum efficiency and deal with partial shading. The real biotch is getting heating sorted out for winter. We have hydronic, which is wonderful, but we looked into a more efficient burner but it isn’t worth the effort. The quest continues, but one step at a time.

    • That's a (at most) 2kw system. In australia that would cost (at most) AUD3000 (GBP1700) after rebates for a mid-range system.
      Those people haven't done their homework and have been taken for a ride. In the old days they would have been the people pitching their tent in the middle of the dry stream bed while watching the lovely rainstorm on the nearby mountains.

      I put a 1.5kw system on my old house 8 years ago and it paid for itself in 18 months.

      I put a $3900 mid-range 6.5kw system on my gf's house last year. She hasn't paid a power bill since and is about to get a $300 credit refund from AGL. Payback period will be < 4 years.

      I'm currently researching a system for the apartment block I live in. 10kw with (potentially) an internal distribution network and a battery.

      A solar PV is a no brainer for most houses.

      • Reading this just confirms I need to get a solar system on the roof of my house I live in asap.

        We are 4 people but sometimes we have visitors and winters we usually hit $800 easily for the electricity bill alone.

  • Definitely worth spending more on the fronius and likely worth spending more on better panels also…

    But if I ONLY had those three to choose from its definitely the last

    But if be getting quotes from recommended installers in your area…buy quality solar as it's a 20 year investment.

  • Aside from the price. Make sure you choose a well-known company that has been around for awhile. Not a fly by nighter. You want the support if you have any issues in the future.

    Also in terms of where they install it. Any obstructions from near by objects will decrease the efficiency of the solar collection. Avoid anything that will cast a shadow on it even a small section. From my understanding.

  • OP, just a weird question but can you pay them in installment on any of those 3 quotes? I am planning to put solar on the house i just purchase but not willing to fork out too much money so soon. Thank you.

    • Hey
      They ask for a $500 deposit and full payment on completion.
      They have finance packages also but I didn’t ask about them.

  • Have you considered the Aussie made (Adelaide) Tindo Karra solar panels with Enphase micro-inverters? My original solar system was a DC setup with 32x150W Japanese panels and 5kW SMA inverter, after 5 years the panels began to fail and of course the installer had closed their doors. I had the whole system replaced with Tindo Karra 18x300W solar panels (5.4kW) each panel fitted with Enphase micro-inverters thus an AC system which will not suddenly catch fire like so many el cheapo DC systems do.

    In comparison, the performance is exceptional to the original DC system when it was at it's best, producing 32kWh/day currently with peak output 4.4kW, should be interesting to see performance figures in mid summer.

    • Hi hairybum 😂
      Haven’t hear of this panels and was hoping to keeps cost at the lowere end so not considering micro-inverters.
      I will check them out though and see if they are worth considering.

      • Not cheap, but certainly are quality. I paid the extra because this is for my home and I need it to last a long time with no problems.

      • though still less warranty than brands like LG or Sunpower
        I'd go LG personally (and did), but you may factor in some extra $ to support 'AUS assembled' (the cells and micro inverters arent made here)

    • That would be around $7k-$7.5k??

  • OP:
    If you think this is your "forever" home then get the Fronius $4500 deal but try and get bigger capacity / less quantity panels for the same price.

    If you think you are only there 5 years I'd get the $3850 deal.

    That was our logic of getting Jinko/Zever 6.5kw for $3900. We weren't quite sure where our lives would lead us over the next 5-10 years

  • the Fronius 5kW inverter has a 10 year warranty, I think the others only 5 years; that says it all

    • The Sungrow has a full 10 year replacement manufacture warranty

      • I thought they had 5, do-h

        I still would get the Fronius
        There are 2 types for the 5kW
        One is for Australia, it is built tougher for our conditions
        Make sure you get that one if you get the Fronius
        Also, the Fronius can be mounted inside IIRC

  • Anyone has some idea about get origin energy to do the installation? I got a quote but seems to be expensive

    • Origin did my first (1.5kw) system on a very good deal for the time (2011?). It was a $3k system and you could pay it off with 30 monthly $100 payments interest free.

      They didn't over-panel the system so there was no way the 1.45kw of panels would ever match the 1.5kw inverter capacity (and it never did - 1.25kw was the best it ever did). They should have fitted 1.95kw of panels.
      The Aero-Sharp inverter was very low quality. It died and was replaced with a new unit within 6 months of fitment and died and was replaced with a rebuilt unit in 2017.
      The installation was very poor. Origin subcontracted to Vision Stream who subcontracted to another company who subcontracted to a man in a white van that didn't own a hacksaw or know how to run a cable down a cavity wall.

      Interest free payment plan.
      Origin eventually sent out their "expert" who fixed most of the installation issues.
      Origin were still there for warranty after 6 years and fixed the faulty inverter without any stuff-around.

  • Anyone done the homework on the dates when the Vic subsidies rush in on ?

    Is it worth it ?

  • Hi all,

    Just thought to get a quote from Origin (I’m in VIC) and got the below (sorry for the bad cut & paste) what do you think? Comparing to the ones above and the ones mentioned in other threads this seems a lot more costlier :

    Your system summary
    System specifications
    Premium Plus 6.6kW system 1-Phase including
    20x330watt Trina Panels and 1x5kW Fronius 1-Phase inverter
    See our product specifications and warranty information
    Your investment summary
    Contract price (incl GST)
    (Incl net GST charges of $967.18)
    Total Quote Amount (incl GST)
    Variations / Additional items (if any):
    Installation on tiled roof
    Less applicable Small Scale
    Technology Certificate (STCs)
    (The amount payable is subject to you assigning the solar system to STCs to us. This amount is calculated as at the date of this email based on when we estimate your system will be installed)
    Less Government Rebate Less Government Loan
    (This amount is subject to you being approved for the rebate, or rebate and loan)
    Amount payable
    Total amount paid
    Total amount due
    Total ($)
    $10,638.95 $10,638.95
    ($2,225.00) ($2,225.00)
    House size
    Single Storey
    Roof Type
    Terracotta Tile
    Grid meter upgrade
    Not included (speak
    to your sales consultant for more information on extra costs)
    System Inspection
    Inspection Included
    Shading assessment
    No shading identified
    Number of Panels
    Roof angle

    • Seems to be $5,145 after STCs, before the VIC $2225 rebate. Meter upgrade extra cost.

      Prices vary between states. Origin price doesn't appear exorbitant at first glance for a company that will likely be around for warranty duration..

      • I think it's $5145 post $2225 rebate, and then another $2225 on the VIC interest-free repayment plan, so OP would be out of pocket $2920 upfront.

  • Wondering which company you ended up going with?

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