Help Choose a Car - Stinger GT V/S Lexus ES300h

I am 35 yo & I am looking to purchase a car between $50-$60k.
I do around 15,000 kms of business use every year and the car will be 100% tax claimed.(as I have a additional family car)

My shortlist
- New Lexus ES300h
- KIA Stinger GT

Want a no-fuss car that i can keep without any 'car issues' for the next 5 years atleast.

I own a Lexus NX300h already and will never choose a Merc-BMW-Audi over Lexus (pls don't advise these brands), and am very happy with Lexus reliability and exceptional customer care and service.

The car will do a mix of city and highway runs.

- My current Lexus gives me 6L/100kms inspite of being a nearly 2 ton car, so this will easily put out 5ishL/100kms
- Oozes luxury in & out
- Decent bells & whistles
- Exceptionally reliable brand
- Premium Brand

- Obviously is sluggish being a hybrid.
- Expensive $6000 more than Stinger GT (taken into account KIAs 2% finance rate on a 60k car)

- Exceptional Car to drive
- All bells & whistles (more than even Lexus)
- Has a road presence & head turner
- VEry good price for what it is

- Fuel Guzzler (any owner here care to share real world numbers ?) Demo car was at 22L/100kms
- Every 10k service, so maintenance cost is equal to or more than lexus in a 75,000kms or 5 yrs period
- Unsure of the resale after 5 yrs

I don't drive (any) car like a hooligan on road, so going fastest on-road is not actually a priority. Having said that , I loved driving the Stinger, its quick, it's responsive , has all the bells & whistles (which are very important for me as i need radar cruise control, heads up display) to monitor my speed as i have to take a lot of work related calls (on car system bluetooth obviously) whilst driving & having these systems monitors my speed well. So does Lexus actually.

Also, ease of re-sale and re-sale value after 5 yrs is very important factor.

So, the question is which one to go for ?
Can you help, advise, suggest ? (Open to the idea of another car if you really have a better reasoning)

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    Lexus ES300h

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  • i realise some people think the stingers are nice but at the end of the day a lexus will always be more classier than a kia.

    hate to make this comment but a lexus will possibly have a better second hand price when you sell it.

    • thats what i was thinking as well. But I thought KIA Stinger had a decent resale (unsure though) like a few cult cars Toyota FJ Cruiser etc., hence.

      • when i say it out loud to myself it makes sense. is a kia better than a lexus? it's a no brainer.

        like you mention it's a premium brand, i feel a great deal more accessories etc in the lexus would be of a better level of quality.

  • Sporty Coupe vs Luxury badge Camry.

    That's a weird short list.

    • Not really if you want what I want. A sedan wt All bells & whistles, $50-$60k budget. A reliable car which Lexus is known for , no.1 since last 10 yrs at least in JD Power Reliability survey. And Kia with its 7 yr warranty.
      And the car needs to have a unique selling point (which i didnt see in Mazda6 Atenza or Camry)

      • Salesman: welcome to our showroom. Can I interest you in an SUV. Perhaps a family sedan, or a…

        OP: I'm after something in a 7 year warranty.

        Salesman: Is this going to be an everyday car or a hobby vehi….

        OP: I want something that has been in a reliability survey.

        • Hence the questions are here, not at a car showroom.
          I am not sure Car Showroom can advise anything else except what they sell.
          Hence the forums are an awesome place to learn and may be an eye opener.

  • $50-60k and the stinger made the short-list?


    • yes my mate bought a brand new for $60k & yes GT

      • No, you misinterpreted. I was saying 'wow' at a Kia being on the short-list with a budget like that

        Warranties aren't everything, especially as it's only an extra 2yrs over everyone else.

        • true. Agree with you.

          hence the added confusion.

          But the car itself is something amazing actually. Twin turbo 3.3 V6 , bloody amazing for what it is , hence I believe it is worth it

          • @Jabberwocky: You'll get votes here for the Lexus just given the reliability and economy. From my POV though it's just a slightly prettier Camry, despite what this review says. The hybrid powerplant is identical to a hybrid Camry.

            Not that that's a bad thing, but at the end of the day it's a Camry.

            Weigh up a hybrid SL Camry against the Lexus and tell me if you see around $15-$20k difference. I don't

            Hell even the Camry has a 7yr warranty on the powertrain, and a 10yr warranty on the hybrid battery. Lexus don't offer you this.

            Cheaper capped price servicing too

            Sorry but I look at this, and I think it's just a tarted up version of this

            • @spackbace: I totally get what you are saying.
              I own an NX300h. It shares the same platform as RAV4 but is 500kgs heavier than RAV4 because of the build & parts quality. And the interior is class above even Audi & Mercs.

              I know the general perception but it's very different. Similar is the case for VW v/s Audi but Audi have marketed themselves very well, whereas it actually is using VW parts unlike Lexus v/s Toyota which have plenty different parts, hence they stand apart in reliability survey.

              I just test drove it yesterday, it was very nice compared to Camry. Having said that the new Camry is phenomenal vehicle for that $40k mark.
              (has 6 months wait though)


              @spackbace: Do you also sell Lexuses, Spack?

  • Have you sat in the Stinger? There's very little headroom in the front seat. I'm only 180cm and probably only had about 5cm from the top of my head to the roof. I do sit in an upright position so if you prefer the boy racer searing position you'll have more room but I was really surprised how cramped it felt for what's not a small car. Might make your choice easy.

    Can't comment on the Lexus, not a car I'd ever consider.

  • Where's the poll option for "neither"?

    • 'neither' option, comes with a better suggestion

      • Hard because your preferred cars are so completely different than each other I'm struggling to determine your actual required needs.

        • An advise such as "You cant drive very fast given 60km/hr on streets in Sydney, what's the point to go with Stinger. Spend that money on a Lexus, with amazing fuel efficieny and exceptional luxury and reliability"


          • @Jabberwocky: You've already got the Lexus in your sights so I don't see how we can convince you otherwise.

            As someone else also said, it's a luxury badge Camry. I'd recommend just buying the far cheaper Camry hybrid, spend a few grand on "luxury" options and save a cool $20-25k.

            You seem focused on the "image" which I find surprising.

            • @zeggie: i know i am leaning toward Lexus.
              The other part of the question. I have owned plenty of Lexus and can't stress enough that NO they are not rebadged toyotas. They are beautiful inside out and YES share the build platform with Toyota but I see that as a positive not negative.

              e.g. NX300h shares the same platform as RAV4 but is 500kgs heavier than RAV4 because of the build & parts quality.

              But I know it's tough to change perception.
              But indeed a very balanced opinion and not trashing me on forums for seeking guidance….Thanks for that !!


    My first choice would be neither. My 2nd, not kia. I guess that leaves us with the Lexus…which I personally don't like.

    But it's not about me. You want the Lexus and you can afford it, why not get it then? You don't need validation from this forum.

  • I actually love both. Great minds think alike.

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