Car's Headlight Beaming at Very High Angle

Is it only me or many people now have their car's headlight beaming at very high angle? It is very blinding when they are coming from the front and is very annoying on the mirror when they are at the back? Has the regulation on this changed lately or something?


  • You are probably over 30 now (sorry)

    • Ive had this issue since i was like 22 :s

    • I am :-)

      You are saying eyes sensitivity has increased for people over 30? Or the regulation has changed when I was turning 30?

      • Your eyes react slower to changes as you age so lights can appear to be brighter or have more glare when you're only encountering them briefly as your eyes can't adjust back and forwards as quickly as they used to.

        Of course a lot of people have also illegally fitted HID and LED bulbs to headlights not designed for them which doesn't help.

        • Don't forget cleaning the windshield. Oil residue will refract light.

          Needless to say, fogging does that too.

  • HID headlights are notorious for this; not because they're set different (ADR still dictates they are set to the horizon or lower) but they have a much 'sharper' cutoff point. So when you get below this line, it's a much more immediate rise in brightness compared to traditional globes that would gradually fade in.

    Not to mention, many modern cars have higher-set headlights (e.g. any SUV versus the old Commodores & Falcons) which means that it's easy to blind people that used to be above the older/lower headlight beam previously.

    • That makes sense. Thank you for pointing that out. I didn't know about that sharper cutoff point. And yes SUV is the worst offender. I hope this will be regulated in the near future because it is dangerous.

      • Headlight beam cutoff is regulated but not really enforced. The main culprits are those who put LEDs or HIDs in their halogen housings as an upgrade. Halogen housings aren't designed for those bulbs so the cutoff is much higher.

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    I think your car is cold if it is high beaming

  • I don't think some people know how to adjust the beam angle on their car… but it could also just be the car having a high setting. I've set mine on the lowest setting so if I'm behind a car, it usually sits near the top of the number plates. Still feels a bit high even for a 4WD. If I set it at the second-lowest, I can see my lights shining into their rear window :O

    • id Guess hardly anyone knows how to adjust their headlights and probably less bother to do so. In my experience not many cars have an adjustment that can be made from the cabin.

  • I've started noticing this after 30 as well. Getting old I guess. Auto-dimming side and central mirrors help a lot with the issue.

  • Not to mention people putting aftermarket kits in their older suv and 4wd's with reflector style headlights, Hid require a projector housing to correct focus the beam.

  • BMW X5 and Lexus SUV I find main offenders from factory

  • Probably people buying LED bulbs to put in their reflector headlights. I tried it once, saw it was unsafe and got rid of them.

  • I use yellow filter glasses at night, they make the darkness brighter while lowering the light intensity from headlights

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