Worth getting Xiaomi Mi 9T, currently using Note 8

Hello folks,
Hope someone had the experience of the same.
Been using Sammy Note 8 for 2 yrs n thinking due to battery life n camera (not saying it's bad), need to look around. I also use Gear S3 which works well with note 8.

Budget to change is around 450ish. And found Xiaomi Mi9T, is it worth changing from Note 8 to Mi 9T? I am looking for good screen, camera, battery life n updates.
Thumbs up.



    I have the Mi 9 and it is a great great phone.

    Before I got my Mi9 I did a heaps of research on the Mi 9T, and it shows that it is a great phone too but just not as fast for gaming.

    Might even have a better battery life.


    Just remember the operating system on the phone (MIUI) comes with heaps of annoying ads that are impossible to remove. Other than that, great phone!


      Thx dude.
      I read n heard on some forums that global version doesn't suffer from ads. Ordered one last night, see how it goes compared to current SGN 8.

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