YAMAHA YSP-5600BMK2 Soundbar and Subwoofer $1690 (RRP $2499) + Free Shipping to Most Areas @ Audio Influence


Currently have the Yamaha YSP-5600BMK2 Soundbar and matching subwoofer available for $1690 a saving of $809 (normal rrp is $2499). Free Shipping to most Australian locations.

Limited time offer for the month of September 2019 or while stock last - which ever comes first.

Authorised Yamaha Dealer and all stock are new.

Orders can be placed online. Contact details are sales@audioinfluence.com.au and 0414 794 414 business hours.

For more information see link for details.


Real 3D Sound with 7 channel sound beams
Height Channel Positioning to better match listening position
Dialogue Lift to match dialogue and vocals to TV viewing
Cinema DSP 3D Mode adding increase height direction to the sound field, creating a rich surround space
MusicCast for network audio and streaming audio to other compatible MusicCast products in other rooms
Bluetooth and Airplay functionality
Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound processing
Intellibeam automation for accurate sound settings
Control App via Android or Apple Iphone
4K Ultra HD Full support with the latest HDMI standard for passthrough


Surround sound from a 44-speaker array
6 dedicated height channel speakers
Supports Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X
10 CINEMA DSP 3D programs
Output Channel: 7.1.2-channel

HDMI: 4 in (Input1: HDCP2.2) / 1 out (HDCP2.2, ARC)
Digital Optical: 2 in
Digital Coaxial: 1 in
Analog Audio: 1 in
Subwoofer output: Yes

4K Pass-through: Yes (60p)
x.v.Colour: Yes
3D Pass-through: Yes
ARC: Yes
CEC: Yes
Auto Lip-Sync: Yes

Dolby TrueHD: Yes
Dolby Digital Plus: Yes
Dolby Digital: Yes
Dolby Digital EX: Yes
DTS-HD Master Audio: Yes
DTS-HD High Resolution: Yes
DTS Digital Surround: Yes
DTS 96/24: Yes

Wireless Music Streaming: Yes (with Bluetooth)
Wi-Fi: Yes (IEEE802.11b/g/n, Radio Frequency Band 2.4GHz)
AirPlay: Yes
Bluetooth Version/Profile: (Version) Ver. 2.1 + EDR (Codec) Receiving: SBC, MPEG4-AAC / Transmitting: SBC
Ethernet: Yes (100base-T, 10base-T)

Dolby Atmos: Yes
DTS X: Yes (possible with a firmware update)

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    $1745 (RRP $2495)

    How much have you normally been selling these for?

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    Yamaha make great soundbars. Unfortunately this model doesn't do HDR passthrough.

    Shame given it's their top of the line model.

    Hopefully gets replaced soon with one that does.


      Yeah I’m almost certainly going to upgrade once they have one that does proper pass through. Hopefully more ports too but I won’t hold my breath (because port switchers are almost universally bloody garbage and end up causing problems).

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    I have spoken to Harvey Norman in Taylors lakes last month to price beat David Jones. Guy was happy to sell it to me for $1500. If U decided to buy please make sure to check with your local Havey Norman.


    How good is this if its a large room kinda open plan


      Depending on how large is large i wouldn't hesitate to cover a TV viewing space of 6m x 4m regardless of whether its open plan or not. Be in mind that when you're watching TV, you're going to be fairly close to the screen. Saying that if you have an open plan space and would want to entertain for a party with lots of people then this may not be the system for you. Hope that helps.


        Is there something you might recommend for open plan areas for good sound, i know i wont get full surround


          Can you get some approximated dimensions and ceiling height? That will help.


            @AudioDude: 5mx6m ceiling is 2.4m cathedral to 3m


              @asa79: Base on the size of the room and ceiling height the Yamaha is capable of filling the room with sound but surround wise will not be great. The Yamaha uses the ceiling surfaces to bounce sound to get the desired effects. With a cathedral ceiling that is compromised. Saying that 2.4m to 3m is not bad but we're relying on the ceiling angles as well.

              My take on your room:-
              (keeping the aesthetics to a minimal - as you originally enquire about a soundbar solution)
              The use of a more conventional soundbar with matching subwoofer and a couple of wireless surround speakers for effects as well as balancing out the room with sound. Possibly mounting the rears on stands.

              Shoot me email, and i'll put together a couple of solutions that i think will suite your purpose. Add any requirements that you think you may like as well.



    Just getting back to some of the questions listed. You are correct the YSP-5600BMK2 doesn't do HDR passthrough, a couple of work around is to use an HDMI splitter with HDR passthrough - Bluestream has one for a little over $100. Other solution might be using a blueray player with 2 HDMI out where one can go to the TV and the other to the sound bar.

    This unit should be fine for large room / open plan living but it just depends on how large are we talking about. Let me know how large your room actually is?

    As for pricing, thanks for the heads up on the David Jones pricing. I'll have a chat to the powers that be and see whether we can accommodate a final reduction based on our current purchase deal factoring freight and so on… be back later with an update.



      Where does HDMI splitter go if you want to run all components into the soundbar then connect the soundbar to the tv?

      Whether it's before or after the soundbar, you still won't have a consistent HDR signal going all the way through.


        Using a splitter only works for a single source solution with HDR similar to having a dual output from the source (Blueray for example). If you want a multi source solution, i believe HD Fury does a device where it has 4 inputs with outputs to go to the TV and sound system. There might be similar products on the market, not sure. As for the Yamaha YSP-5600BMK2 it won't do HDR and currently no mention of an update for that model to make it compatible with HDR.


    Works out $1688.75 after 3.5% cashback from Cashrewards if you use it and can pick up from store for the penny pinchers :) .

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